Thanks for your reply Michelle. My sleep issue is such a mess at this point. The Zopiclone had been working great then all of a sudden it just stopped working. I put a call in to my doctor but she hasn’t phone back yet. My assumption is that because of my past sedative abuse (or just the way my brain is wired) I developed a very quick tolerance (after only 8 pills). So I took a second pill when I realized the regular dose was not going to work, then I decide “bad move” and better just stop (threw away the rest of my pills to make sure I wouldn’t cave), but two nights without it and my anxiety was panic level. So I caved, had to go beg the pharmacist for one pill to cut the anxiety while I wait for the doctor to call me back, so now I am on record with the pharmacy as “not being able to control the dose”.

My doctor is great though. She is recognizing that she needs a consult. She is asking for a sleep study and said she would also ask for a consult with the ADHD specialist who diagnosed me 10 years ago. But I live in Quebec and the wait lists can be long. It depends though on what priority they assign.


Thanks @SimplyComplicated I appreciate your thoughts and will check out that site. My doctor actually is extremely nice—top marks on the humanness scale! Of course now she may start talking antipsychotics again, but at this point I could not blame her. I’m telling her basically that I HAVE to sleep and I really believe that the multiple major stressors I am under right now have just completely overwhelmed sleep hygiene / relaxation approaches. And now it seems I developed tolerance (and a withdrawal reaction) after only 8 doses of Zopiclone.

I’m thinking my plan at this point (if she calls) is to ask again if we can retry Ritalin given my clear ADHD diagnosis and the fact that it helped me sleep before. I will probably develop a quick tolerance like before, but if it helps me sleep that will give them a clue that ADHD meds might be the way to go.


Thanks for this. Yes it seems to be another invisible problem for a lot of people, I really struggle with any social stuff and just tend to avoid anything like that. It’s good to hear your son has good care.

My blood pressure is okay when I see the cardiologist, so he does not think I need treatment for it, it goes up when I’m dealing with the ADHD doctor. I don’t eat meat or dairy just need to manage the anxiety better.

Not sure how the disability assessment went, had the other meeting today and she didn’t want to suggest any more drugs, I’m going to be able to attend some free courses that should help me. Enrollment is on Monday next week, courses start in January.

How’s your sleeping?


My husband went for a sleep study once. After hearing his story I don’t think I want to ever have one. I honestly don’t think I’d ever sleep with someone watching me. :slight_smile: