Intro :) ADHD via TBI

Hey Brains! In case you are wondering, a TBI is a Traumatic Brain Injury. I was a pedestrian walking across the street (in a crosswalk) when I was hit by a car. My head went through the windshield and I won bc I’m alive.

Many of my TBI symptoms are Very similar to ADHD symptoms. I’m still learning how things that are very difficult for me are basically ADHD. The car accident was almost 8 years ago and I’m 40yo, so I guess you can say I was diagnosed as an adult?

This is extremely hard for me to deal with bc my clients think I’m a complete mess and flaky as hell. My family doesn’t even “get it” bc they don’t understand how I can be a lawyer but can’t remember to take dinner out of the oven before it burns or pay bills on time.

I know everyone here has struggles and I also SO happy & relieved to “be” somewhere that everyone isn’t angry and disappointed in me and constantly judging me. THANK YOU for creating this forum and thank you to everyone who’s here!


Hello Panda, and welcome!

O. M. G. Brain damage is no joke - a late friend of mine had been in a car accident and definitely had memory struggles. I’m sorry to hear that your family doesn’t seem to understand that brain damage… can be quite permanent. But we are glad to have you - and we are more than happy to try to help you find coping strategies! :smiley: :slight_smile:


Hello and welcome! You should feel right at home here!

You know what I find particularly frustrating about this? It doesn’t seem to be about the head injury. It’s because you’re a lawyer. If you were, say, a professor of physics and you forgot about everyday stuff, you’d fill the cliché just fine and nobody would complain. Well, whoever was supposed to eat that dinner might. But the common concept of a lawyer is somebody who has it all together all the time. Despite the fact that law probably takes up just as much focus as chemistry.


You are SO right. I often have the image of the “mad scientist”. He is obviously frazzled, almost always and completely eccentric. But no one doubts his competency as a scientist.

I will add that I went out on my own as a solo practitioner 1 year ago. I don’t regret leaving my cushy government job but it certainly has been very challenging.

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Hey, we ADHDers have waving bears!

What you don’t like my lil chipmunk?

Ok chipmunks are aweaome

Yeah they are… I just didn’t want to repeat the :bear:.

I’m also new here and just wanted to reach out and say hi! My aunt suffered brain damage in a car accident. At the age of 16 she had to learn everything over again, how to talk and read etc. She now functions at a high intellectual capacity but struggles a lot with social behaviors. I have seen her struggles over the past 30 years and can understand how painful it is to feel misunderstood. She had a lot of problems with family and employers due to her different outlook and behaviors. The best encouragement I can offer is exactly what you are doing now- try not to isolate! Just talking about our challenges makes such a huge difference! I am sure you will find the right coping mechanisms for certain behaviors, it takes a lot of time and experimentation. Also acceptance and humor that some things may always be challenging but that’s ok- you’re not alone! :slight_smile:

Um, I was talking about waving bears

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Hi PandaJ & other Brains!

Although I’ve been aware of How To ADHD since last October (when I realised I’d developed symptoms of ADHD 18 years after a severe TBI), I’ve only just realised there’s a forum!

I’d wanted to contact Jessica directly (I live in the UK; I’d no idea she was an actress or any kind of media personality!! :o0), as I wanted to petition her to include development of ADHD secondary to TBI (this video discusses it;

I’d not realised there was a forum where - lo & behold someone else - following a TBI - has developed ADHD-like symptoms; I knew it couldn’t be just me…!

Just wanted to throw in my 2 cents’ worth & say howdy…!