Introducing myself :)

Hi…I’m Gina…52 year old mom of twins and 5 awesome grandkids! I came across Jessica and her videos several months ago…ive benefitted soooo much and wanted to take next step and join here…PEOPLE WITHOUT ADHD JUST DON’T GET IT…so frustrating…until viewing all Jessica’s research and listening to stories…I was beginning to think I was losing my mind…THANK U JESSICA…I constantly recommend your channel…I’m more confident talking about my ADHD…when I’m rushing into work and boss is fussing or given me that look…I smile and tell him to just look how creative I am once I get rolling…and remind him…I WILL BE THE LAST TO LEAVE! ANYWAY…Hello Brains!!!


I am not sure Jessica is reading the forums here any more but welcome! We are a friendly bunch here. Hope you find this to be a useful, supportive community for you!


Thank you…she’s reason I found this forum…look forward to hanging around and seeing what it’s about :blush:

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welcome, gina!

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Welcome Gina! It is a great forum with a great ‘pace’. Slow enough to not get ‘snowed under’ and fast enough to be ‘alive’ with a great community. Have fun!


Welcome to the community Gina

Welcome to the HowToADHD forums @Gigi !

If Jessica does come on this forum, she must be doing so incognito. (There’s also a Patreon for HowToADHD, and patrons get access to the HowToADHD Discord channel. Since it’s by invite only, maybe Jessica is on there. I’ve seen that she posts on Facebook and Twitter.)

I’m very, very grateful for this community. All the different Brains here each add so much.


I’ve been on the Patreon Discord for a while. Jessica has an account there. Understandably It’s forbidden to tag/pm her there directly. She does pop up in the channels from time to time. But whenever she does, there is usually a lot of other fans right in there with her.

Also Discord, as a discussion medium, isn’t for me. There is so much going on at the howtoADHD Discord at any moment. You could barely have a conversation, comment and get back to it a day, let alone a few days, later. The channels will have long forgotten.

Like I said before, this forum has a better ‘pace’ for me. But that’s personal preferece.

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Welcome Gigi @Gigi .

Welcome Gina!

Yup lots of brains here who have been transformed by the video channel… even my highly critical boss was a fan when I sent her a couple of key videos that explain what adult adhd is and where I need help.

I like the motivation bridge in particular, and i too have started not taking criticism to heart, I’ve just said, well, that’s how I am, you have your way of communicating, I have mine… if I’m highly anxious there are limits to how well I can communicate…

It’s to first time I’ve advocated for my brain and it felt great!


Hello Gina . . . Welcome to the family . . . and we are like family . . . better than some . . . especially when it comes to understanding ourselves . . . who, for whatever reason are part ADHD . . . along with other, outstanding and unique attributes. :sunglasses:

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