Introvert or extrovert?

Are you intro or extroverted and how does your ADHD come through with your personality style? I’ve been incredibly intrigued by this thought since it popped in my head earlier today. I’m pretty introverted and would love to hear how adhd effects an opposite personality.


I think i am a mix depending on mood, surroundings etc but lean more to being an intro spending most time alone at home if not at work…cant be around a lot of people or noise for too long makes me super jangly


I am an introvert but it honestly depends on the situation I am in and who I am with . So I kinda try to control my adhd a little more when around new peeps but if I am around good friends from camp then I let it run free . Also my adhd tends to run free when I go and study alone in a study room as well.

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I’m SUPER introverted, but really social and noisy around people.
I tend to be all or nothing so I’ll hang out with friends for hours… but end up so exhausted I can’t leave bed the next day :sweat_smile:
However, I’ve always felt like my ADHD is directly contradictory to my personality. It’s like my personality will build a house of cards and my ADHD shows up and knocks it all over!!!
Basically, I’m the type of person who plans to stay quietly in the corner at a crowded event, but ends up talking the most :yum:


Huh, interesting question. I’d consider myself an extrovert as I’m pretty socially confident and active. I tend to talk a lot and I think this is probably a smashed between being extroverted and an adhder. I also say a lot of things impulsively which could make me the comedian jokester of the group, or just make people uncomfortable and annoyed at me. But because of that impulsivity I’m very socially outgoing.
Very interesting the way the brain works

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I always call myself an extroverted introvert :joy::joy:

You can be both. I’m really outgoing but I can only stand that for a short period. I really need a lot of time for myself. Thay makes me more introverted



I am usually not shy, talk a lot, interrupt others, joke, tease, and make puns (sometimes at absolutely the wrong time). I flunked conduct on my report card in the fifth grade. I asked my teacher why and he said: “You’re always telling jokes in class.” When I pointed out that sometimes he laughed at them he said: “Well they can be funny!” Talk about an enabler!!

In high school I was thrown out of a Physics classroom by the teacher when I made what I thought was a funny remark.

In countless other situations I get groans, sometimes smiles, and sometimes a kick under the table from my wife when I indulge myself.

In fact, at a talent night for an ADHD group for adults, I was egged on to get up and do some stand-up comedy with no preparation. Granted I had a friendly audience. My teen-aged ADHD son who was with me tried to hold me back and making a fool of myself. Afterwards when I sat down he said: “Not bad!”



As an introvert, I feel like a lot of my ADHD comes through as the inattention and restlessness that keeps me from fully engaging socially. When I do try to be extroverted, I struggle with interaction and focus, as well as maintaining relationships. I forget to keep reaching out to people, and I feel comfortable by myself. I usually take on new activities that I can do solo, so even when I’m more on the hyperactive side I’m not more outgoing.

Bottom line, I think my introversion limits my opportunities to interact with others, therefore showing less of my ADHD to others. With the exception of work, in which case they can probably notice because I have to interact with others and get work tasks done.


INFP. I have an extreme lack of energy in dealing with people I don’t know very well in personal (non-work) situations. It takes so much energy to get to know someone that I just decided I don’t want to know a lot of people. I actually have a dislike toward individuals who attempt to “get me out” so I can “do stuff with people.” I don’t want to get out and do stuff with people. I want to sit my happy posterior right here at home and be an introvert. Besides, there are so many universes playing out in my head at any given moment that I can barely pay attention to the world outside me to begin with.

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I was more on the extrovert side growing up, though I found both social time and time alone were good for recharging. But over the years trying to cope with what might be ADHD symptoms I have become more and more withdrawn so now I seem really introverted. It’s more of an adaptation than an expression of my personality


I had a mate who would constantly mock and criticise me for wanting to stay indoors alone a lot
Annoyed the shit out of me



“had” . . .

That seems to be the operative word in your story.

We all need different ways to cope in this world. ADHD or not!

Hope you are doing OK. And whether you are or are not . . . Brains help each other.

Stay connected here if it works for you . . .

Stay connected here.

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I’m introverted now (I’m 40) but as a child and teenager I was extroverted. If I recall correctly when I took the Myers-Briggs test (online, nothing overly legit) the first time at 15 I was ENFP now I score INTJ (constantly from my 20ties).
I guess I had to radically change who I was and how I interacted to be able to function in the world without being burned by it :confused:


I am 100000% an introvert in person. Pretty quiet, especially if I don’t know the person to well or I haven’t seen them in a while. Usually I have a really hard time speaking up unless someone talks to me first (which I don’t feel to great about, since I feel like I should be contributing to the group conversation more. Like I should try harder, if that makes sense?) Unfortunately it’s just not natural for me to do. I really do like listening to people talk more then doing it myself.

However I’ve started Youtubing (I’d like to turn it into a career if I can), and my personality has done a 180. I’m super chatty, over-the-top reactions when playing games and really just being super silly. When I edit my videos I’m always thinking how funny it is that I’m really outgoing when I’m recording. I’ve found it interesting lol

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LOL, me too. Always refer to myself as introverted extrovert too. Think that may be ADHD kicking in. Because I do struggle to start conversations (hate small talk) but once you get me going I’m loud and enthusiastic and hard to shut up. But hate crowds as I have a massive difficulty focusing on what people say. Thought I was going deaf in uni - when that came back normal just figured everyone mumbles. Now I think the problem instead lies with me being unable to filter out the other noises etc.

Definitely need my alone recharge time though - can socialise a max 1-2x a week (just not every week and work often maxes out my socialising quota).


Recently, I’ve been wondering if I’m really an introvert or just a brain who’ll take any excuse not to socialize. But I do recharge best when I’m alone, which is the closest to a definition I’ve found.

Heh, I can totally relate! Not a YouTuber myself, but I was invited to live panels a couple of times and noticed that I can be funny, confident, even chatty when it’s not about me but about something I’m interested in and/or well-prepared for.

I’m also often the last one to leave a party which used to make me seem more sociable than I was. But that was mostly because parties tend to be closer to my comfort zone the fewer people are left, plus I never seem to find the right (non-awkward) exit point.

Sometimes I think there’s an extrovert in me who wants to be let out, one who likes dancing to loud music, hanging out with lots of people at once and whatever else extroverts do. But I’m okay just thinking about that, and usually that’s exhausting enough.

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This is a fascinating point. I wonder if that’s part of why everybody told me I was crazy for seeking a diagnosis when I did. I certainly do not come across as hyperactive and was surprised myself when I was diagnosed with that type. As for all my inner struggles, well, I don’t usually share them.

Long ago, friends told me I should be more open and outgoing because my quiet, ever-friendly presence actually spooked some people. So I tried that. Wasn’t fun for anybody, including the people who had urged me to do that. I quietly retreated back into my usual quieter attitude and nobody mentioned it again.


We r who we r . . .


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I feel like I’m an introvert who has wants to be extroverted. :thinking: Basically I can’t do small talk, never know what to say, and don’t like going anywhere without anyone I know. I can’t just go up to anyone and start talking. I feel like I don’t know what to say. However, I want to do things with people and want to go out. When I am with people I am very comfortable with/know very well, I have no problem talking and can end up talking a lot!


Welcome . . .

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