Intrusive thoughts?


I regularly play through different scenarios in my head about life, imagining what I would do and say and even feeling the emotions as if it was real, which can be fun at times, but sometimes these scenarios can be quite dark, like right now Im stuck thinking of a situation where I’m at my families funeral, it feels so real, even though I know it’s not, and it even brings me to tears. I was just wondering if anybody else experiences this? Is it related to ADHD? and how can I stop these unwanted thoughts? I’m happy to say the members of my family in these thoughts are all safe and well, however I did recently lose my grandma, which I think has triggered it.
Sorry If this is a bit of a downer I just thought that maybe If it is related to ADHD there might be somebody here who has some good strategies to deal with it.
Thanks in advance.
Ps I am generally a very happy person, but these thoughts briefly take over my mind and can come out o nowhere when I’m not expecting them.


Hey @Samuelburns

First of all, I’m sorry for your loss.

For me these ‘head scenarios’ are representative of smth I haven’t quite processed yet. Sometimes it’s an alternate outcome of things, sometimes it just comes out when I write it down (brain dump).

The brain dumps kinda helped me to at least get some part of it out… I wrote a love-letter to a child, which my exgirlfriend and I decided to abort. I composed a song out of it, but I think we all have our individual way of processing things

Hope that helps a little. All the best


Thanks for your reply, sorry to hear about the hard decision you had to make, it cant have been easy, composing a song is a great idea, I listen to music alot to help me get through things, I can’t compose music myself so I write poetry, writing a poem for my grandma really helped.

Just knowing that somebody understands what I’m saying is helpful on its own, and I think that you are right in that I need to deal with my loss for these thoughts to go.
On a positive note, I think that it’s a really useful skill, to be able to play out these things in our head, it has stopped me doing alot of stupid things in the past, and helped me to make alot of good decisions too, but it’s almost as if it malfunctions when I’m thinking of a scenario which I have no control over, and then it’s just the same situation on repeat with the same outcome, which i guess could come back to an unresolved issue that I need to deal with, just my brain reminding me that I need to deal with this thing. Wow I’m feeling more positive about it already, thanks again


dont tie yourself up in knots, you have a good imagination and a rich internal life, these are GOOD THINGS :slight_smile: