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Hi I have a 14 year old boy. Looking for APPS that will help him co ordinate or schedule life as well as school work. For school does anyone know something that can help pull together the chaos of word documents, powerpoint, photos and internet searches as he just has stuff everywhere. He is unable to copy notes from a board at school so they encourage him to take a photos but that just ends up as a random mess. Also any APPs that are good more managing timing for say getting ready in the morning, somehow setting times and reminders for each task so it all gets done before leaving. At some point we will get an apple watch but as someone previously said it is worth sorting out the app functions first on an IPAD or a Phone. I am hopeful there is something out there snow surely. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks you all! I am new.

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first off welcome to the community
Also you may want to check out this video from the HTADHD channel in regards to reminders of what to do and in what order

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I have been putting together a whole system for myself using a few apps and shortcuts from iOS to link them together.

OneNote is my recommendation for best app to get all notes in one place. He can have a notebook for each class (and more for stuff at home), which is divided into sections and pages. You can attach a bunch of different file types to pages including taking photos from the iPad camera. If you get an Apple Pencil or Logitech Crayon, he can write on the iPad as well in OneNote. The apple notes app is a close second here for me. It has fewer features but is a smoother experience. Both are able to sync to a computer as well.

OneNote has a task feature but I prefer using a task management app. Todoist and TickTick have been my favourites. In ticktick you can assign tasks times and durations and they show up in a calendar. You can move them around in the calendar too which is a great way for people like myself with time blindness to see oh if I don’t do that now, it’s taking up a huge chunck of my time later.

On morning routines and timers. I’m sure there’s an app for this but I’ve yet to come across it. I’ve had success basically just writing out the routine (either OneNote or ticktick) with expected times and hitting a timer in my phone.

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