Is there anyone who recovered? Please let me know with support.

I’m ADHD OCD combined with left eye amblyopia (Lazy eye was squint) . Do or Die, I need badly a accountability partner for my betterment, even she wanna be my parmanent partner forever. For yours kind information, i want to declare about my virginity with extreme single life till 26 years. Actually here i can’t tell about myself in details. I just can’t crying loudly. My knowledge is like wide nor deep. In another words i’m “Jack of all trades, master of none” Hope ,to all good & wise people here needn’t writing more about myself. I’m a really good character guy, but why can’t i be success in my career wherever i completed my civil engg. graduation in 2015! Why can’t i control myself to learn or attain anything else?? I’m determined to learn Programming/BIM/Music-Video Production with accountability partner together anyhow.
Or, can help me to arrange any type job for abroad regards even if intern?
Is there anyone who is ready with me?? Please give your any life changing complement towards me. Advance thanks & gratitude to you.

My limitations: Lazy, Late comer, Slow-learner, Dreamer, Procrastination, Jumping one to another with much desire, No self-control regards jumping, Listen motivation more than engage specific one goal etc.


Hi Rumel. Not necessarily limitations… It depends on your perspective. Despite your “limitations”, you have completed what is normally considered a very challenging university course - with ADHD. Congratulations! Nice work!

Try to focus on the small steps to achieve your goals. For example, video production… Start out with something like Adobe Premier or similar, and just start editing random videos.

Then when you’ve got the hang of that, move onto more complex stuff, and experiment. Once you get past the initial learning curve, software like that can be lots of fun for someone with ADHD.

Then, try something like After Effects to build extra skills (my apologies if the software I am recommending is out of date, I haven’t done video in a while…).

Many of the skills and concepts are transferable between software, especially if they come from the same company (eg. Adobe).

Then try playing with audio in Premiere with the video edits you’ve been doing. Mix it up, set your levels, fades, transitions, effects etc.

Do your own recording, build the skills which work together with previous skills, like Lego blocks.

Then, if you want to extend out to music production, you already have some of the skills, and know some of the concepts. All you have to do is translate it into new software, and build on what you already know.

The problem is, you are looking too wide. It’s like you want to chop down six different forests with eighty different types of trees in them.

Start with one tree… Then the next, then the next. And decide if you have realistic expectations about how wide you want to go.

Most people working in the film industry, for example, only do one thing. Do you know what a boom swinger is? It’s the person who holds the pole with a microphone on the end, over the actors, without getting the microphone into the camera shot. Just standing there all day holding a pole, and every now and again the whole show stops because the director says “Cut!!! Boom in shot! Go again…”.

Or a film editor who sits in a dark room all day, sometimes all night just cutting, pasting, cutting, pasting. For weeks and weeks.

It’s hard to focus on just one thing, without getting distracted. But if you pick one thing that motivates you, try that first. Something easy to learn, but maybe hard to master, like editing.

Sorry… Maybe if you were a process engineer, or metallurgist I might be able to help. Which country are you in?

Can’t help you with that either. :))

If you find out, please let us know. I’m sure many of us have similar problems.

Good luck!