Is this ADHD or something else (or some other factor)

Ok so I have traits that I think may be ADHD but I’m not 100 percent sure so I thought I’d ask people who may know.

  1. Wanting to be able to do something but not learn to
  2. Getting bored with things I’m interested in or if they are to slow
  3. Doing things that I want when I want to
  4. Forgetting what I’m saying
  5. Being randomly energized
  6. Always fidgeting
  7. Listening to something well reading something else (or aimilar)
  8. Being emotionally impulsive when upset
  9. Struggling to not do things I want to
  10. Forgetful
    11 bored easily (did I say that already)

Also if you think it could be adhd which subtype? (I like people’s opinions but I know this isnt official or anything just curios)

I’m unfamiliar with the differences in subtypes, but I have every trait on your list and I’m diagnosed with ADHD once as a child (6) and again as an Adult (30), not sure if ADHD is directly related to these traits or if we are just similar

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Thank you for your response

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