Is this the perfect t shirt for us?


Found this on Amazon whilst looking for a deep frying oil thermometer-I know, I know, who hasn’t done similar?

Anyway, I thought this was perfect for me and might raise a smile for some of you. I haven’t cropped or edited it.


i love it it is amazing :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Haha it’s great!! :smiley:




I just bought one. I wonder if I can wear it to meetings at work?!?


It was made for meetings at work😁


Hahaha!! Funny that I can remember how many times I do this, it’s always kind of embarrassing… But this is first my first time, I actually admit publicly, I do it, haha… LOVE IT!!!


Oh, and yes it’s a perfect shirt!!!:joy::rofl::joy::heart: