It's nice to meet you

Hello - I’m Mandy. I was diagnosed with ADHD earlier this year, at 31, though I had figured out several months before I was officially diagnosed that I had it. I’m sure a lot of Brains here can relate. I’m finally at a place where I can proactively look around for resources and reach out, and I found the youtube channel and, well, here I am. I look forward to getting to know y’all.


Welcome to the forum, Mandy! Happy to have you here.:blush: Same for me, through I’m 32 now, I was diagnosed at 31, even though I was pretty sure a few months before that.:sweat_smile: Hope you’ll like it here with us, and that you’ll find some useful information and tips.:wink: Feel free to share your own experiences too.:blush:


Hi Mandy! We’re glad you’ve found us :blush: there’s tons of great resources on here so I hope you find what you need! And like @Marodir said, don’t be afraid to share :grin: