It's Official!


Omg Kerouac was a brain…


Haha wow, wild to come back & see all that!
And it’s so cool to finally find people who get the way my brain works.
And all the puzzle pieces of my life finally make sense. It feels so surreal.
Now,…figuring out how to move forward…


Hello Stacey! Welcome!

We are glad to have you! I hope the coaching goes super well for you! Sorry to hear about the PTSD/anxiety! Those are never fun, but it’s awesome to see that you’re excited about the coaching. :grin: Let us know how it goes or how it went if it already happened (I say… as I am 2 weeks late responding. Sorry about that. :sweat_smile:) !! If you want. :grin:


Come on Tom… You’ve seen my word walls… I take great pride in being able to spit out 3 pages of guff that nobody will ever read.

@Stacey I thought your post was quite un-wordwall-like in its moderation.

By the way, I had a very similar experience a few months back at the age of 49 when I was searching for nootropics and went from there to reading about college students illicitly taking dexamphetamines to help with studying. Somehow I ended up on a self-test site for ADHD (more out of curiosity about the condition than because I thought it applied to me).

But bang, bang, bang… Ticks in all the boxes. It took a couple of days for the lights to come on properly, and then I Googled the hell out of it. Watched Jessica’s TEDx talk, and came straight here.

Finally, I had some answers to so many questions I had, and also to questions I didn’t even know I had. It was fantastic to finally stick a label on my weirdly shaped pigeon hole. And even better to know I’m not the only person with a weirdly shaped pigeon hole.

One warning though…

Like you guys, I was riding a wave of joy after 49 years of frustration finally coming to an end. I was fired up, ready to go for my goals and live up to the potential I’ve always missed achieving.

There was finally hope, and it made me feel happy, at ease, ready to keep moving forward.

Like all good things, the joy started fizzling out once I realised that the light at the end of the tunnel was still a long way off. The meds I’m on are not a magic bullet, and will not fix everything. Some things may never be fixed.

So the warning is this: Take each day as it comes, and don’t expect miracles now you’ve found your place in the world.

I definitely want to look into coaching and therapy. But with my work, it’s difficult for me to fit anything in at mutually convenient times.

I already got kicked from one psych because I couldn’t make a booking for several weeks at one point, and they wanted me to come in weekly.

Group support sessions happen here once a month, but always either on the day I fly out for work, or the night I fly back home. I miss it every time. Hopefully I can find a way now to go to at least one. It would be nice to meet some ADHDers from my own city.

As you can maybe tell, I’m not currently floating on joy just now. I’ll be back in a good mood, just after we take a short break and hear a word from our sponsors. :+1:


Hey Tom… You want a word wall? Here is your challenge…

Please explain the circle of fifths, using “I’m a Barbie Girl” as an example.

I’ll be waiting… :wink:


Wait what? I’m lost circle of fifths and Barbie girl?


I thought it might be a good excuse for you to start your own word wall…

I was reading about the circle of fifths, and I figured and eminent music teacher such as yourself might be able to explain it in 25 words or less. But I’m sure it will take more than 25 words…

Barbie Girl was just to get the song stuck in your head. :smile:


I’m a Barbie girl in a Barbie woroororld. Great to hear from you smoj, mate.

Ok circle of fifths? How I can apply that to it’s a Barbie girl is that the song changes key after every chorus and goes up the cycle and that it goes from:


I could have every transition from one key to the next transition on a minor 7th flat five chord, it has a lot of applications.

Or I just lost everybody…I like turtles.


Reading that last statement, it makes total sense to me… I wonder how others react.


I like turtles too. :+1:


Actually, at first I read “I just lost everybody… like turtles” which makes both more and less sense.