IVF ADHD stimulant meds?

I’m new here. My name is Hilary and I’m about to start IVF at MGH in a few months here. I’ve been a high dose Ritalin La kinda person ever since I was 13 and it works for me. Maternal psych has ruled out that it would be best for me to stay on (a somewhat reduced therapeutic dose) Ritalin La with Wellbutrin due to my Major depressive disorder and recent genetic diagnosis of a familial ALS gene. It’s hard to just process everything and I’m also a registered nurse. So my question is: anyone go through pregnancy on stimulant therapy? How was delivery? And anything I should be concerned about long term? I’m super nervous and would appreciate any advice here.

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I’m definitely not qualified to weigh in on this one. My general thought would be to maybe talk with your OBGYN about the long-term concerns and anything they know of with regards to delivery. Are you planning a natural birth or C-section?

If you can’t find anyone here or locally who has had the same experience (stimulants and pregnancy), perhaps consulting a Doula or Midwife could be useful. They have lots of experience with delivery and perinatal care and maybe they have some resources or information. If nothing else, maybe they could also be a helpful part of your perinatal team. You may already have one, of course, in which case I hope they can be helpful. :slight_smile:

So when we were referred to high risk o gun they said the same thing as maternal psych. No risk of cognitive defects. Low risk of birth defects. Small risk of miscarriage and preeclampsia if misused. (Which isn’t the case). They said it’s possible to reduce dose in pregnancy too. Which is scary because I feel like I’m at my lowest. Fortunately my blood pressure is low and my pulse is normal. I’ve been on the meds so long I can literally fall asleep at bedtime no problems. I guess I can call a midwife or someone thanks for the advice!

Typo *obgyn

Good luck to you! I hope the pregnancy goes smooth and that the delivery is swift and without complications!

Thank you so much! It’s nice to hear / meet you.

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