Jessica McCabe shows up in Washington Post!

Good to see this article. Congratulations to Jessica!

Not sure if this link will work for most people though…


Thanks for the link! :slight_smile:

Great article! Glad to see a broader audience getting a view into our world.

This thread just showed up in my feed, and I noticed that the article blurb mentioned this May as a meeting date. I’ll have to look into this in the news.

Great article (even though it was from last year).

There are at least a few ADHD virtual summits that I found in a Google search for this month, one from last month, one in November, and one already advertised for May of next year.

One thing that caught my eye (because of my work experience in information technology) is that there is one summit for “Neurodiversity in Cybersecurity”. (I’m not planning to attend it, even though it’s free, because cybersecurity isn’t my area of expertise. I’m a computer user support specialist.)

May is Mental Health Awareness Month (in the USA, at least). October is ADHD Awareness Month (so I don’t know why there’s a November event).

Here’s one I’m interested in: