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Haii brains!

My name is Joël, officially Joey Joël, in English I tend to go by Joey (because pronunciation…)

Here’s a list of answers to question that you might not actually have about me:

  • born March 12th, 1995 (which makes me 23 years old at the time of writing this)
  • I’m a 3rd-year student in applied biology (should be graduating in Feb 2020)
  • Politician, I am a member of the elected city council of Arnhem, the Netherlands
  • Municipality laws dictate you should be a citizen of the city in which’s council you take a seat, and it also happens to be the city in which I was born and raised
  • I lived in York, England, between Jan 2015 and Jun 2015
  • I have been diagnosed in 2011 with (at that time) ADD
  • In my spare time I dwell the interwebs usually hunting for random knowledge and fun facts
  • Or like that time, after watching the movie Interstellar, I spend my lunch breaks for a full two weeks to read and learn about the relativity theory…

That’s me, in a nutshell. I will at some point try to write a comprehensive (keyword) short story about my experience with ADHD.

I decided to post My ADHD story on the forum, click the link!

Also (this is getting longer than I intended)… since I am part of a Dutch governing body, I am subject to public administration. So if you want to reach out to me personally, just hit my name in your favourite search engine!

That’s all for now, baii brains!


Hey Joey! Loved the bullet points - that is a great idea!
I should've stalked all the intro threads before posting mine, bahaha. Guess I was just impulsive and excited?
Glad to see you here! -high fives-


Hey Joey! I swear, I wrote my bio before reading your post here, and I kind of think we’re twins. And my birthday is March 13th! Pisces FTW :fist:


Haii Nikki!

That’s awesome! Welcome to the forums :smile:
btw… I didn’t know snails can sleep for 3 years, who would’ve thought?


mmm. Sleeping for three years almost sounds nice. It wouldn’t be of course. Unless someone could put me in a time stasis chamber so I don’t miss anything.


Sounds very hi tech, Kyle :yum:


Hello @JoelvdLoo and Welcome to the forums.
Have fun.
Also im multitaskingh again and i should really not do that or ill mess up everything im doing


Hi Joey.

I read your other post and found it amusing that you had discovered the rotation of the earth as a cause for weather at 6 years old.

I had a similar experience, but when I told the teacher, I was told I was wrong, the rotation of the earth didn’t cause the clouds to move.

I knew I was right, and only found out for sure when I studied meteorology as part of my commercial pilot’s license. I had stewed on that for decades.

I wrote another post here, which I have since deleted. I expounded on a few of my own half baked political thoughts. But I’d rather not be burnt at the stake for heresy, so I’ll keep those ideas to myself.

The main thing I wanted to say, is that I’ve said some unkind things about politicians here, and I hope I didn’t offend you, if you’ve read them at all.

Anybody who has their heart in the right place, and wishes to devote their life to making things better is deserving of more respect than they often get.

It’s the political process that I find extremely limiting and inefficient. From feudalism, monarchy, the republic, universal franchise, to corporate democracy and soundbite politics, I’m waiting to see what evolution will bring to the political process. Hopefully something better.

Anyway, all the best.


Welcome. Love the bullet points. I am inspired to use one all future posts.


I’m a big fan of bullet points… But I write faster than my brain can process, and I always forget the pointy little buggers until it’s too late…


Thanks for sharing your story Simon!

No worries about the things about politics or politician, part of being one is being able to not take offence from every thing someone says or does :wink:


Cheers Joel. Still, I’d rather be a beacon of positivity and Hello Kitty, than a grumbling old grumpy guts whining about how everything is rotten.

Being able to not take offence at things is a bold ambition, but it doesn’t mean that offensive attitudes don’t cut.

As a wise man once said…

“If you walk a mile in another man’s shoes, you’ve got his shoes, and you’re a mile away”.


Those are very wise words! haha