Just a message to Jessica...


Thank you. You, and your work, has changed my life. I was at risk of losing my job when I found your TED Talk. Then your channel.
You and your work has given me hope. Motivation. Tools and coping mechanisms, and mostly… strength to muscle through the hard days.
Every other TED talk I heard before yours talked about the great bits of ADHD (which you did cover), but you were the first one who talked about the real, nitty gritty, SUCKY parts of the disorder, and helped show me that even though the road is hard, it worth walking.
Your story has encouraged me so much, and has completely changed my life. I am more present at home with my wife and child. I can pro-actively do chores! Anticipate what my child will try and choke on BEFORE he does! And then move it! :open_mouth:
Thank you. Thank you so much. If I had the money in the budget, I would sub to Patreon… I’m not able to yet… but one day.
Thank you.