Just Diagnosed a month ago


I was just diagnosed about a month ago and prescribed medication, I do hold a very stressful job with hours that are all over the place. It’s been so difficult the past month, my wife and my daughter do their best to understand me but it’s been really rough for my to understand within my self, I still feel as though I want to crawl out of my skin but can’t get the proper words out. I see my dr again tomorrow to see how I’ve been doing but its been very difficult. Is it normal to feel this way? Any help would be great thanks for hearing me out. If I didn’t write it down now I’d forget.


I also have a career with high demands with great stressors (isnt that all jobs though) and was recently diagnosed as well.
I just had a day/night like that myself due to “spinning my wheels” -difficulty getting started in an important work contract I had to draw up-I got stuck. Took me forever to complete whereas earlier in the day I knocked out similar items with ease. But then, boom, like a horse out of the gates when I paused and told myself to ignore the thing that I was fixated on.
I can say that I often feel like that myself because when the challenges of my ADHD present themselves, especially at work, it gets to be very frustrating and compounds my anxiety already surrounding the issue!

Share in great detail with your doctor how you are feeling-your symtoms. He/she may modify your medication if it is determined that may be a mitigating factor with you feeling like you want to “crawl out of your skin”.
Feel free to reach out to as I am early on in wrapping my head around my diagnosis and how to better navigate to success and I found that networking with others in a safe place really helps me.


Thanks for your feed back,much appreciated. I will definitely let my dr know.


With me it id hell every time I have to finish a report at deadline. Struggle to start, then hyperfocused for hours but getting frustrated because working too slow. blaming myself for writing crap. Working day and night, getting done approximately in time, feeling bad about the result never waiting too look at it again. After a while realizing it id not bad at all compared to other peoples work, but dreading for next deadline. So I guess it is normal for Brains… Be strong!