Just got a new ASD diagnosis

So today while we were at couples therapy, which is also my personal therapist, I got hit with a new diagnosis of ASD, OCD, and anxiety. She had been working on this for a long time so that she was absolutely positive I fit this diagnosis and I’m completely thrown by this new revolation. So one psychiatrist says ADHD and then another anxiety and now ASD?! I am getting so confused with all these diagnosis and can’t take much more of this. It’s so hard to process this change and i’m not wanting to openly tell anyone on this change in diagnosis cause of what people perceive ASD looks like. I’m still the same person they knew before this and I’m gonna be the same after so why would I get treated differently. It’s all so much and I just don’t know what to do with myself.

Makes sense, ASD and ADHD have quite a large overlap in some symptoms, so can be misdiagnosed, and can also be co-morbid.

But yeah, I agree that people finding out something, and then treating you as if you’re a different person from what they’ve always known, even though you haven’t changed at all sucks…!:disappointed_relieved:

You’re still the same person, so why would they worry about you suddenly, like that…

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I know my family and friends won’t treat me differently, or at least I hope not. I’m going on the stigma associated with this diagnosis and the way I see others being treated. Yes I may be the same awkward person as before but I don’t want to be looked down on, given special treatment or sympathy for this. One positive is now my wife knows that I need to have more slack for the things I do and it’s not all my fault and I’m trying my absolute best. I guess what I’m saying is I want to get where I’m going because of my hard work and effort and not be given special treatment for my diagnosis.

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Well, it still requires effort and hard work, you’re just being given enough assistance to level the playing field, at least in theory, and purpose. It’s not generally to patronize you, although there are some people who just can’t help but be dicks about it, I suspect…

Yea that’s what I kind of going on that some people are just nasty and think they are better than everyone else. At least they are confined to my work and not family life so I just won’t disclose this new information to my work friends.

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My brother’s family stopped talking to me when I came out with ADHD. They told others not me that I didn’t think about how they would feel that I’m being in treatment for a disability. They would have rather I keep my mouth shut.

Ehh, no offence, but fuck your brother and his family…! What the hell is that kind of crap?! ‘Seriously, you shouldn’t get treatment, or at least tell US about it, you know, your close family! How insensitive, why didn’t you think of how WE would feel about YOU having a disability’ give me a break! They sound like selfish, self-serving scumbags, not family. Also, what the hell kind of problem can THEY have that YOU have a disability… facepalm


You don’t need to share your diagnosis if you’re not comfortable doing so. A diagnosis is a tool for you and your treatment team, and a tool to help you and those you chose to disclose to to understand why it is you do the things that you do.

Since this is a new diagnosis, take the time to process it. Look into it, do the research, decide for yourself if it feels like it fits and what you want to do about this new bit of information going forward. Treatment for anything is a personal process and only has to be shared if you choose.

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Thank you, your absolutely right about not sharing if I’m not comfortable doing so. I’m still the same with or without a diagnosis so I don’t need to explain myself to anyone unless I choose. I’m going to find out what kind of change in treatment this will cause tomorrow night.


Today I had to get some bloodwork and other things done at the health center and I happen to ask what the diagnosis codes were on my script so I could look them up. Well my psych and therapist are still not on the same page. I got ASD over here and adhd over there and I’m lost in the middle. Why oh why don’t these people ever like to communicate.

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Ehhh… No national medical journal…?:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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Seems like the psych is way behind the times. It’s so hard to find a good psych here, I keep having to change.

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So I decided to schedule a official testing from a testing center in my area. It’s kind of scary and I’m also a little anxious to do this, but I know in the long run it will be good to know exactly what is going on with me.