Just saying hi! 28yo from Belgium

Hi brains!

I’m a 28 yo woman from Belgium… I got diagnosed 2 years ago (after hitting a bump in my job & having a bit of a breakdown in my doctor’s office ^^;). Looking back, it’s really pretty damn obvious but I was never tested as a child or teen.

The big things in my life are pretty together right now - I have a job I usually enjoy, an apartment that I bought and a great boyfriend - but I still struggle with a bunch of ADD-related things. Currently trying to figure out how to deal with this relatively newfound information.

I don’t know anyone with ADHD in real life, and was definitely raised with the “hyperactive little boy” stereotype. So when I discovered the How to ADHD youtube channel, I figured I might have a look here :slight_smile:



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I’m new too. I also grew up with that stereotype in mind. Nice to see someone else from Europe. I’m really glad that you managed get your life so well together and there is no shame in struggling with your ADD.

I hope you have the most wonderful day today and for the rest of the year. :smile:


I’m Kim, a pretty cool lady at 33, and I was just diagnosed a few days ago. I haven’t shared with many people. I have talked to a couple of friends. All are understanding
However, one said that I didn’t show the “classic” examples of ADHD. I just responded that I have a friend whp was also diagnosed in her adult years but she didn’t seem like the “classic” example… Le sigh…