lack of assertiveness

With ADHD, a person can show a lack of empathy, and show a lack of assertiveness, causing rejection sensitive dysphoria.

I think, this is a trait of ADHD. It has caused me problems, due to not having a focused mind.

I am isolated. I have no one to communicate with, to tell me (or at least it is much harder).

I have overcome this feature. Is this a trait of ADHD ?

I have dyspraxia, ADHD and aspergers traits.


But here you do :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, but at the same time I have been known to pick up on a person’s non-verbal cues to sense when they are angry, sad, or upset . . . And when I follow-up that observation by asking them, that is based on empathy!

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You need someone to tell you how great you are…

I think the isolation and rejection is common with ADHD. Because I think it’s a common thing for people to just reject us. Because a bunch people think that we’re just too much to handle so they back away. And then they get mad at us when we don’t come back is this correct? I think right now you’re feeling empty don’t ask me how I know I think I do. I was there for a whole year. I was blank I was practically like a robot. So please don’t give in but then again I could just be saying gibberish. So ignore me if they get across the point I thought I did. I may not know anything about you but I can tell what a person needs a good hug.
And can I ask who rejected you to make you feel isolated.
Because for me it was my parents trying to take care of my adult siblings who made bad choices do you know drugs alcohol smoking etc. and they ignored me and this was also happening at school and nobody wanted to be around me because I was “too much” . Is this the same situation with you?

Indious our lack of assertiveness is another problem and it gets in the way a lot with work and school and stuff. It’s pretty much the reminders going so fast that we don’t want to move at all.

As for the lack of empathy. It’s not true in fact it’s quite the contrary. We ADHD years or so everywhere that we can pick up on the slightest tiniest things. Org be completely oblivious. And also nobody has a lack of Empathy nobody does. (Unless you’re a psychopath or sick.)

I know it feels pretty hopeless now but we’re still here.
So stay determined!
Frisk-ahh I mean ALADDIN…


I am of Middle Eastern origin, I live in the UK. My parents separated as a child. I think my father has ADHD and narcisstic personality disorder, perhaps ASD. I was bullied in school. I had undiagnosed dyspraxia, ADHD and aspergers traits for undergraduate studies & postgraduate education.

I learned about a focused mind in April 2019, empathy and learned something was wrong.

My father never communicated with me. I had no other family. I had one friend outside school. I had weak friends outside school.

My mother’s 2nd cousin speaks on the film , Farenheit 9/11. He tried to get in to the US Congress, in 2004. If elected to the USA Congress, he would write the History of the USA !

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