Late nights


Every morning I wake up so tired, barely able to open my eyes, unable to make coherant sentences, my brain not really functioning until lunch time, thinking to myself ,tonight I’m going to bed early.
Every night I’m wide awake thinking hey I’m not even tired, 3hours sleep will my fine.

It’s normal for me to alternate between periods of good/bad sleep habits, but I’ve been stuck on bad sleeping habits for ages now, and I just can’t seem to break it.

Ive read all the usual sleep advice like not using your phone before bed, only use your bed to sleep, and stick to a routine etc, I was just wondering if anybody had any unusual or personal methods that they’ve come up with, that I may not have heard? :sleeping::sleeping:


So, before I took an evening medication that knocks me out, I would go to bed anywhere from 1AM to 3AM. Often waking up at 7:45AM-8:00AM for work Mon-Fri. I’ve had this pattern for pretty much as far back as I can remember. I’d have 4 days in a row of 3-4 hours of sleep before my body finally crashed me out for 12 hours. Then the cycle would repeat eventually. I also was told all the typical stuff.

Take melatonin. Don’t use technology. Just lie in bed and count backwards.

It never worked. NONE of it worked. Honestly… the only thing I could do was try to focus on something like a game but without getting stuck (easier said than done). Basically focus on something til my brain literally gets tired and bored that I can try to sleep.

A sleep meditation helped a bit too once I could do the longer meditations. It took me about a month to get to 5 minute meditations consistently and about another half month to get to 10 minutes… but 10 minutes of guided sleep meditation USUALLY knocked me out like a light. But again it still kind of happened later… midnight… 1AM… but hey it was better than 3AM or 4AM.

See the reason my brain worked well with focusing on something til it got bored was because itw as forced to focus on one thing. And eventually it would tired out. HOWEVER, sometimes I would hyperfocus what I was doing… iiiinstead of getting bored with it… so it’s a double edged sword. :sweat_smile:

I also do well with sleeping with music on or using some noises like running water… or a forest-- you know those nature-ish sounds that are supposed to help you sleep. I do those.

I also used the sleep … with me??? podcast… I think it’s called. I knocked out within the first 15 minutes most times.

I don’t use that much anymore cause I moved out aaaaand it broke my routine aaaaaand I’ve sucked at starting it back up. Heh. :sweat_smile: But maybe it’ll work for you?


sometimes playing candy crush does this for me.

If my brain is over-clocking on stress or anxiety and just running horrible thoughts through my head, I’ll try music or led meditation or even an audio book to force my mind to focus on other thoughts. Doesn’t always help me sleep, but at least helps the bad thoughts go away.


When my sleep cycle gets completely out of whack, I try to stay up until 9pm the next day! Even if I wake up as early as 3AM, I stay awake. I may have to take a short nap the day after but no later than 5PM as later naps end up being long and mess up the cycle again! Though this is an extreme measure. Usually I just try to wind down before bed time.


I posted a topic about “intrusive thoughts”, I wonder if the horrible thoughts you have are similar to mine, maybe you could take a look, and let me know what you think, if you don’t mind, it’s another issue I’m having right now.


Hi Samuel, i had 30 years undiagnosed so lots of experience with fucked up sleep, like go to be 1am and lie there brain racing till 3-4am then getting up for work 7 and getting by but feeling like a zombie all the time and like your running on reserves all the time, i found that weed works but tolerance build quick and back to square one after a week or your smoking more and more to get to sleep but obviously that just keeps escalating so long term its pointless, sleeping pills of the benzo/hypno type are great for breaking a cycle of insomnia that is out of control and you can break the cycle and get some routine back, but i consider them a last resort once you have not slept for a day or two straight, otherwise i would not consider them as a option because tolerance is super fast (for me anyways) and they seem like a really slippery slope to car crash/falling off something high/or just anything deathly in general because they are so strong and you don’t notice, my solutions after being diagnosed and partly a little before then are cycling for me but could be any fitness thing i guess, if i ride a descent amount 3 times a week sleep is like clockwork and feel rested and great and only other thing i use is melatonin which helps a very small amount but can be just enough some times to let me drift off and has not bad side affects or any addictive properties, that’s my take hope it can help a little.