Learning (and staying on top of) a New Language


Hello fellow Brainiacs!!!
I’ve got a couple questions for all of you, but first I just want to say I hope Y’all had a good new year and are sticking to your resolutions (and if you’ve already forgotten about them nows a good time to re-start.)

  1. What’s an efficient way of Learning a new language? And how can I keep interested in it long enough to actually be fluent?

Because I have a weird obsession with all things culture. The history, mythology/folklore, the language, the art, and basically how that group of people sees the world! And I have a life goal of learning like 8, 9, maybe 10 languages before I kick the bucket. I started off with German (because I’m a quarter German) and I’m still at a very low level; then now, all because of a whim, I’m learning Spanish as well.
Now I KNOW that you aren’t supposed to learn multiple languages at once, but I’m impatient, impulsive, and pretty damn interested!!!
Now, once my German 1 class is over I’ll have to wait about a year until I’m in my next one, but I REALLY want to actually l e a r n the language and not forget everything BECAUSE FRAU FITZ CANT SPEND MORE THEN A COUPLE WEEKS ON A UNIT!!!

…Sorry. I have some VERY strong emotions about my current German teacher. But anywho, I’m not too worried about Spanish because how much latinx culture stuff is out there, but at the same time it’s different from both German and English (and I don’t have a teacher), so I don’t know exactly how I’ll fair with that.

So yea! Any advice? Is there an ADHDer that actually buckled down and learned a language or two? (or 7)
~Brainiac Out~