Learning disability, too? Anyone?!

Hi, I’m Annie and just joined. I am going to be pretty blunt here. I am 36, still live at home and am not really going anywhere in life. I feel like such a failure. I have yet to find something that really gets me going and I can sustain. I am thinking about going to grad school to get a masters in, wait for it, PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Yes, you need a masters in it now. Not sure its doable since I unfortunately cheated my way through undergrad. :confused: horrible, I know.
Does anyone else here have a broad range learning disability? I feel like I’m the only one. So many people my age have it figured out and I just feel so behind. Sorry to vent, I was just wondering if anyone else is like me? Just feeling kind of lost with no purpose or drive, really. Anyways, hope everyone has a great day. Maybe we could all share our jobs and if we find it stimulating? Or even how you came across it?
Thanks everyone!

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Welcome to the tribe, and I have learning disabilities as well while much younger and diagnosed much younger with them; there is a board spectrum when it comes to learning disabilities and how impairing they are. THe can have a specific label or they can be generalized i.e. math disability or a reading disability for generalization whereas for specific i.e. dyslexia or dyscalculia. I hope some of this helps so yah I have a board range of learning disabilities but they fall under certain aspects for me its more on the language side of learning disabilities makes logical sense for me. Any way hopes this helps and hope you have a good day too.

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My 42-year-old son has ADHD and learned “differently” when in the early grades. He needed customized help to learn how to read. Once he mastered the basics he jumped ahead in reading ability. He had low self-esteem and little confidence. When he graduated high school he applied to a vocational program to become an auto mechanic. Before he started that he changed his mind and went to college. Three different schools over an eight year period. It was only when he discovered what he wanted to do, something that stimulated his brain and held his interest, that he was able to stay with the program and graduate. He now works as an electrical engineer in the field. If he sat behind a desk he’d be bored to death.

If a degree in physical education excites you, then you are most likely to get through to graduation and have a career that works for you!

When I was an undergrad I majored in sociology because I found it interesting. My parents were worried that I would have a useless degree and poor job prospects. As it turned out I went on for a Masters in social work (MSW). I found my niche as the Performance Improvement Administrator in a small, non-profit mental health agency.

So best of luck to you in your journey!

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I have dyspraxia. See, Dyspraxia USA.

In the UK, it is classed as a learning difficulty. In the USA, it is classed as a learning disability.

I have aspergers traits. Apparanty, dyspraxia and aspergers traits are interlinked, Some people with dyspraxia have ADHD, like dyslexia.

ADHD and borderline asperger syndrome.

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