Let’s laugh at ourselves, together


I was in my first virtual support group yesterday through ADDA and someone starting telling a story about a friend of theirs who drive three states to attend a meeting and after arriving (late of course), she realized she was in the wrong state entirely. I was cracking up. So, how about we tell our most ridiculous ADHD moments, and have a good laugh?

Disclaimer: yes, ADHD is serious and in many moments frustration trumps humor. We know this. But let’s laugh, huh? Share what you are comfortable with. Also… this is not a competition. Everyone’s struggles vary in the world of ADHD— this will be a fun way to see how we’re the same and different from one another.


I will share a story from when I was younger when my impulsive tendencies got the best of me— long before I was diagnosed. This is one of those stories my family loooooves to tell.

So I’m probably about 13 and my family is on a ski trip. I was VERY fond of skiing. I wasn’t amazing or anything, definitely beginner level. but dang, I felt like I was flying. It was a great outlet for my energy. My sister (three years older) and I are taking the ski lift up and I point at a little jump on the hill and say “I think I can do that”. Her response: “yeah… no you can’t. Do NOT do that”. I shrugged and pointed out that it looked really small and easy and I could do it.

Well, I was wrong indeed! Last thing I remember is speeding up the the jump and then blackout. I WAS MOSTLY FINE, don’t worry! I landed on my back and had the wind knocked out of me and woke up to a lovely mom lady saying “are you okay sweetheart???” I slowly made my way down to my own mother who was a mess, grabbing my face, freaking out. I just shrugged and said “it didn’t look that big”. They didn’t let me back on skiis after that.

One of my favorite parts of this is my other sister and younger brother were on the ski lift when I made my valiant leap and watched me go up… andddddddd go down. I just picture a sack of potatoes. I was embarrassed of this story for a long time because I felt like a freaking idiot, but now I just laugh and laugh because there’s a reason. I was just trying to make things more fun for my ADHD brain, sheesh!

This could have ended must worse for me, and I am glad to be diagnosed now, even at the age of 26. My life is full of stories like this but I think this is the most extreme.

One of my dad’s favorites is a basketball game I played in when I was a kid. I ran and ran and followed everyone and didn’t once touch the ball. The score was something ridiculous at the end like 30 to 4. Afterwards I ran up to him smiling and asked who won. :blush::hugs: at least I had fun!!


I once was in the middle of a show (side note: It was a midsummer nights dream, so Shakespeare…) when my mind started wandering away from my lines. In the middle of me saying a monologue of lines I completely forgot what I was saying because my mind was in a different place. So I just stopped talking and then improved the rest of that scene. It was so embarrassing haha.


That is a good idea to laugh at ourselves. We are quiet good at it isn’t it? I got a good one too. I was about to pasw my core course exam to get the French baccalauret which stands for the high school diploma in English (in USA I believe it would be High School diploma + 1 year college). This diploma in France is the only option te get accepted to the College (University). When you show up to an exam, you must show your id of course. This was my major course exam so if I missed like 10 minutes of this exam, I would for sure not be getting the exam and not succeed to get the French Baccalaureat. I perfectly remember the situation. In the morning, I prepared all my stuff and made sure I had my Id in my wallet. When I arrive at the place of the exam, I cannot find my id. I asked the person to check for me in my wallet but they didn’t find it. I was so stressed. I could not enter the exam room before a teacher from my school could come and certify I am this person. I woke up one of my teachers and she came to identify me. But I had to wait 2 hours before entering the exam room and it was a 4 hours exam… When getting out of the room, I look inside my wallet and my stupid ID card was stocked in between two pieces of bills… I could not believe it! I didn’t get my baccalaureat just for that stupid sticky French ID card … What makes me smile is that I have always been kind of magicians! I know some little tricks to make disappear coins or cards. But this one, I never understood how I did since even the guy that we had to show IDs didn’t find my id when I asked him: please check my wallet cause my anxiety makes me not find it and I know it is there!


I’m sure a lot of these stories are things neurotypical brains can relate to, but I’ll bite. :grin:

One time I was driving past my house and noticed my dad’s car wasn’t there. I must have drove a block away before I realized his car wasn’t there because I was the one driving it! :joy:


I didn’t think I had one of these stories, but maybe this one counts:

When my kids were tiny, I was wanted them to enjoy books but I am also really perfectionist and hate books getting damaged. But small kids are small kids, sometimes they tear a page by accident or something. When that happened, I would rescue the book and promise to fix it later. I put them on top of the fridge-freezer, out of reach. But y’know, ‘later’… Eventually after six months or so I would get around to it.

Years and years later I realised that my poor kids must have thought the books disappeared for ever (six months is literally a lifetime at six months, and half a lifetime at a year!). End result was that my kids have always been really good with their books and never understood why some children weren’t… I hope I haven’t made them too neurotic though :flushed:


I filled my car up at the petrol station went in to pay for it, when I came back out I saw a man pumping the tyres of my car up, I thought maybe it was part of the service, so I opened the car and got in, struggling to put the keys in the ignition as I was thinking how suspicious the guy pumping air into my tyres looked, and wondering why he was staring at me, and then it clicked, it wasnt my car I was sat in, it was his :joy:


Omg, So. Many. Times! Not the air, just trying to het into someone else’s car! Or even yhe wrong side of my own :joy:


Does anybody else when they’re driving get half way through changing gear and completely forget what gear your changing in to and what gear you’ve just come out of, then panic and just pick a random gear and hope for the best, or is it just me? :joy:


Yup :sweat_smile:


I must say, my driving (as in ability to take in more of what’s happening on the road around me etc) got a lot better when we got an automatic. Once I’d got used to the new car, the actual mechanics of driving took up less headspace. Amazingly, when I occasionally drive a normal car with a manual gearbox, the improvement is still there, even though the driving costs me more attention.


I drive a manual, and I’ve been wanting an automatic to make driving less stressful, but I’m worried it would also make it less fun!


I’ve always wondered if driving a manual would keep me more engaged in driving as opposed to automatic. All I’ve ever driven is a automatic and been looking at vids on YouTube about manual cars. It looks fun but seems to also be a bit distracting too…


I’ve never driven an automatic, but with a manual, and this may sound like a contradiction, I find that although I do find the gears distracting at times I think that the constant process of having to change gear overall helps me to be more alert, I know this because I find that when I’m on the motorway and don’t have to change gear, I find it really hard to concentrate and stop my mind wondering.


One time I threw the old coffee filter away, put in a fresh one, filled the water and poured it in, put in the coffee grounds, then walked away…only to come back in a few seconds later so I could actually turn it on. XDDD


The first collage I went to, the mens dorm had a small public kitchen.
I took a pot, added some water and a tea bag to boil/steep. Went to go check my email.
A bit later the fire alarm went off because someones teabag started smoking after all the water boiled out…

Also… Put some food in the microwave (or, lately, started a pot/cup of coffee in the kurieg) and go to play my game a bit while it does its thing… later… oh… right… that thing… thats cold now… Sigh.


I’ve had hundreds of hours of driving lessons but have never passed my test because of my inattentive ADHD… I stop at green lights :stuck_out_tongue:


This is my experience too. I hate driving automatics. I literally find it HARDER to concentrate on driving when I don’t have to think about changing gears.


I took a mini bus test recently and had to go on the magic roundabout, if you’ve never heard of it look it up, it’s crazy, it’s in a place called swindon, it’s an ideal bit of road to avoid if you have ADHD lol my examiner took me on it four times, because I kept going the wrong way, which I was told was a record for that test centre, I felt really proud for firstly passing and secondly getting the record for the most amount of wrong turns lol


The other day I was making tea in the coffee machine for my hubby. I ended up making hot water. Twice. I forgot to put the tea bag in. Twice. :woman_facepalming::joy: