Let's call this hello (plus my life story)

Hey ya’ll! My name’s Jake. I’m a young adult who’s been diagnosed with ADHD (combined type) since I was around 6ish (lucky me). In my late teens, I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression (double whammy). Adhd is one of those things that is never constant (at least for me), I can never find the right medication, coping mechanisms work only for a short bit, I can never keep a job, the list goes on and on. I currently live with my mom, mainly because she lives close to my school, but also because, like I said previously, I can’t keep a job. We have a good relationship, but it can be quite rocky at times. Over the years, I’ve learned to take what life gives me. It may not be fun, but it could be worse.


Hello Jake (@Jstorm )!

Welcome to the HowToADHD forums, and thanks for sharing a bit about yourself.

You’re in good company here :slightly_smiling_face:

We all have our struggles, some maybe more than others, but we do our best to encourage one another, share what we think & feel & discover.

ADHD can make life difficult, but it can also add some interesting elements to our lives.

Getting a diagnosis and starting treatment while young ought to help you more in life than getting a later diagnosis, like some of us have.

When I was a young adult, I struggled in college, and try as I might…I couldn’t get any work opportunities besides the part time retail job where I started at 19. (I was at that job 6-1/2 years, and only got up to the very bottom rung of the management ladder.)

I continued living at home with my parents (sharing a room with my younger brother) until I got married at 26.

I struggled with finding my work niche until I was 36, then discovered that I am good at Information Technology customer support.

(I’m now a newly divorced dad, planning a cross-country move for the sake of my younger two kids, but that means I’ll be leaving my two grown kids behind.)


Welcome Jake. Sounds like some serious struggles. I hope you will someday get to the point where what live gives you is actually fun.


same! but then little in life is unchanging.

i’d encourage you to reframe this. you have not kept a job yet. i don’t believe in denying mistakes or downplaying struggles. i do believe in keeping alive the possibility that things can improve. and i do think they can.



I left and returned home many times in my life.
I feel like covid and house prices mean that the old stigma of living with family is softening, even the attitudes to mental health are improving I hope.

I relate to the depression and anxiety.

I also relate to you saying “adhd is never consistent”
For me it’s that I’m never consistent I’m like, immune to routines and survived school by following my friends to the next class!

Being newly diagnosed as an adult I’m getting new perspectives on old behaviours and it’s kind of a relief to know there was a reason for it. But I’m guessing being labelled at 6years old is a bit different! I’m sure you’ve dealt with a lifetime of “oh it’s too much sugar, it’s bad parenting” and all the other cliches while trying to get on with life!

So I’m just gonna end by saying, life is hard work isn’t it!? I’m hoping more people get that in a covid world!

I think we all need a little more empathy in this world!



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