let's discuss brain upgrades (thanks j_d_aengus!)

i wasn’t sure where to put this.

in Chickadee’s post, @j_d_aengus wrote:

i’ve been thinking about this a lot as i’m in a real transitional period. (plot twist: life is all transition.)

i’ve been feeling overwhelmed about all of the changes and uncertain about my ability to cope. it’s interesting to think about similar periods of uncertainty in the past and how i was able to rise up to the challenge.

i’m thinking about the ways that this experience will change my brain and make me more capable, little by little.

i don’t have a tidy question or discussion prompt. i am just thinking aloud. i’ve not stopped thinking about this idea since i read JD’s post and i wanted to think aloud with friends.

thanks for the inspiration, JD!


I’ve just prepared for my first ‘Professional development monthly catch up’ with my new boss and professional lead and decided that instead of masking I’d put my ADHD - combined type diagnosis out there as a discussion point, I’ll update you when I get feedback: Expecting the usual ‘not my specialisation’ go to your mental health professional.

At this point, in attempt to stay on topic, The Fabulous App is an upgrade I think I’m going to promote (again) and so are my bullet journal(s) my personal one for things like my top three priorities and notes from personal reading etc. and one for each project that I work on for work (that way they stay with the task at the end of the project)

The other which is left field is listening to “my unsung hero” podcasts. Not sure it’s paying dividends at home yet (still go into shouty toddler mode daily) but at least I have tangible first hand accounts of ‘how to help other people’ from those they helped, and it’s fulfilling my hope in humanity requirement as well, as is this forum!

oh and the book 'How to be Perfec t" by Michael Schur, creator of The Good Place.

Till next time.


i hope your conversation at work goes well!

thank you for the suggestions. i’m especially excited about the book – the good place is sooo good. (i have a cloth face mask that says “Welcome! Everything is fine.”)


Ok, Monday morning and my new boss:

a) thanks me for being so candid and including her in the conversation
b) reassures me that I’ll being in a uni is a great place to be to keep things interesting and
c) that she’ll support me in neurodiversity outreach if I so desire/time allows.

So I think this is going to be ok and hopefully awesome!
Now to make sure I deliver and make my own myth a success, as I wish for all of you.

Stay awesome.


lui!!! this is such a great update to wake up to on a monday morning. thank you for sharing.

you have a very smart boss.

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