Let's share ideas for "Dopamenus"

Based on this video.

It seems like something that could be useful for inspiration to share what you put on your “dopamenu”. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go to about 3 minutes in to the video I linked above.

Anyway, here’s mine.

Entrees (fulfilling activities that take more effort)

  • reading a book or something else
  • working on a project
  • workouts
  • go on a walk

Things like tv shows, movies, and video games are sort of borderline between entrees and desserts for me. On the one hand, I can hind them enjoyable for a lot longer than, say, a phone game, but on the other hand they do have a feeling like “ugh all I did all day was watch Parks and Rec…” where I know I’ve overindulged.

Desserts (easy but ultimately less fulfilling)

  • social media
  • phone games
  • literal desserts/sweets
  • youtube videos

Appetizers (quick dopamine bursts)

  • caffeine
  • short stretch/exercise
  • play with cats
  • more healthy food/snacks

Sides (stuff to add to other tasks)

  • music
  • podcasts
  • phone games
  • some videos
  • cross stitch

Specials (bigger events that can only happen occaisonally)

  • going to the movies
  • getting a massage
  • party with friends

I think having lots of options for each category is better, so hopefully people will find it helpful to see what other people put on.


I’m reviving this. More ideas if anyone else like me was struggling for ideas


  • Shadow Boxing. A personal favorite of mine! Killer on back muscles, and show those ghosts haunting you who’s boss. Be careful about form though
  • Makeup. Another favorite, but I put it into the appetizer category to remind me not to get carried away. It can easily become a dessert for me.


  • Any Musical Instrument
  • Dancing! It get’s you at least up and moving and at most sweating and wanting more!
  • Journaling. ¡Muy importante! I forget just how rewarding it is until I remember to actually do it.


  • Mixing Drinks or making a snack. I keep water enhancers, coffee, tea, and all sorts of drink stuff. The spirit of this one is mostly to make a fancier version of what i normally make and plate it in an aesthetic way, and then enjoy it along side an activity.

I don’t have anything to add for desserts and specials. Let’s keep this growing!

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Very late but welcome @frisktastic and now welcome @Cerabella

I am yet to make my dopa menu


Hi! I like all these suggestions.

I also wanted to update and say I ended up adding a “snacks” category for stuff that feel fulfilling but can be overdone (vs desserts which feel less fulfilling and only are actually fun in small bursts.) So tv shows, video games, and daydreaming are snacks; while social media, phone games, and literal food-desserts are desserts. Maybe this distinction isn’t necessary for everyone! But it made sense for me.


And now welcome back @frisktastic!!!

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I just printed out my Dopamenu!
Legal Sized, Laminated, and I have five I can keep anywhere in my house!
I used the Specials as a combination of short term saving goals and things I have to leave the house to do. Also, the rest of the empty space for “seasonals” I can write in more stuff.
I don’t mind anyone using this, though the text of descriptions is a bit too light after printing.



I have structured my Dopamenu differently as I found that Jessica’s structure just didn’t fit with how I think and organise my tasks. I just wanted to offer up a different structure in case someone else was feeling stuck.

I have three sections so far, and I’m working of filling them out and possibly adding more.

  1. The quick and easy section: things that I can do instantly, for when I need some dopamine fast! eg. listening to music or a podcast, watching youtube. I do also add these to other activities to keep me engaged.

  2. Screen free activities: for when I feel I need to do something without technology eg. a puzzle, a card game, knitting. These don’t require a lot of effort and don’t depend on anyone else.

  3. my more effort/physical category: for when I have more time and energy, going for a walk, yoga, running, dancing etc. They require a little more setup and motivation but they give me the biggest boost.

My Dopamenue is very much organised by how much effort it takes and as I’m trying to have less screen time it has it’s own category. I just thought I would put this out there as an alternative structure :smile:



Writing story’s I’m invested in
I write a lot Like a lot and I do it mostly for fun (cough ao3 COUGH) altogeth sometimes it’s not as fun bc wtiting is hard and if idk where I’m taking something (that’s not just a a fluff peice) it’s way harder to write for me and others I’ve talked to

Making sweet stuff ie cookies or candies
Fun and tastes great

Binging a show
YouTube on its own (most of my YouTube experience is 2 hour yt vids playing in the background while I draw or do hw)

Uh specials?
Going out for food
Going out with friends
Just…going out to do things in general lol f u covid

Music always
YouTube videos and video essays on some wonderfully nerdy topics
(If you like learning about nerdy stuff like internet history or the animation process ect i recommend this one)
Social media
Fluffy short story’s


Welcome to forums @Ren !

I’d forgotten about Dopamenus. I really ought to come up with one for myself (besides the Post-It not first attempt that I lost), since it might help me be more productive.

  • (To self) “If I get this task done, I can pick something off the menu…” :yum:


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Welcome @Ren !!!

I love Dopa Menus and Jessica’s video about them is one of my faves! I also loved that she talked about trying to prestart setting it up so it’s easier to just pull it out and get to it - no wasted time!! I’m finding a balance for it!

I love WRITING! That’s going to be a current running theme for me this summer I think!


  • Writing
  • Art/Doodle Prompt Warm Up (Maybe I can print a calendar and have one for each day…incase I decide to do it - great idea to translate with my students too!!)
  • Sewing & Crocheting (something about textile arts just the repetitive motion and math and everything soothes my soul)
  • Writing letters - I think in a digital age it has become so easy to just quickly message and I grew up a letter writer so sometimes I think it’s what draws me away, I like the anticipation of awaiting a letter in the mail
  • Painting/Photography & Nature Walks: I need to start chasing the sun and following the uncharted pathways along the riverbanks and paint them or photograph them, we have so much screentime, one of my psychologists recommended I make sure to stay away from screentime and do something that doesn’t include screens so I am trying to remember that…especially now when David Attenborough is on cable for Planet Earth for hours!
  • Cookie Making: I am the world’s worst baker, but I love to cook and it’s a great challenge for me so I can master units of measurement for teaching and want to design recipes and fun food things to use for my students so I love that you put cookies & food here I may try to work on that this summer too!!!
  • Dance/Hula: I love to dance (does around my house count? haha) And in my polynesian culture we practice Hula or Mele, but I never learned, I think I want to learn that now to try to incorporate more culture into my teachings.


  • Scrolling on IG for days looking for teaching materials (or anywhere for teaching materials)
  • Binging shows too!!
  • Board games/video games


  • Shopping
  • Trying new local restaurants/companies
  • Shopping for teaching resources/materials - when I know I can create them myself lol
  • Over-organizing: Because I’m either very organized or a chaotic mess - no inbetween, but sometimes my over-organizing just manages to consume all my time

I have to rewatch this video and recall what sides and appetizers are!!

So basically, to put it safe. ALL THE THINGS
Why am I so longwinded? Hahaha So sorry guys, I really am just naturally hyperactive!!

(I love this, I haven’t given it as much thought before but now I’m excited to have a menu to choose from!! Yay!)

Now that I’ve put this here I feel like I wanna redo it all cute with multi colors on a black chalk board and put it in my room!!! Thank you @Ren @j_d_aengus @vh0622

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@j_d_aengus JD what about a dopamenu in a way you may be drawn too!! In a favorite journal? I have the same issue, I write things on papers and can’t find them, now I plan to take all I wrote above and try to find a nice place to write it. I should have my students make dopa menus too!! Omg the ideas! Haha! Your note to self sounds like all my notes to self!!

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@vh0622 What do you have on your dopamenu?!!! Apparently, I’ve got a lot of entrees!

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I have not even made mine yet… I am still working on limiting the amount of steps required for tasks i need to do more and vice versa.