Link between Scoliosis and ADHD.


Hello everyone. So I have Scholiosis along with my adhd and ocd. I was speaking to my chiropractor and he spoke how chirorpactics and help with symptoms of ADHD since having a proper spine alignment helps with providing more oxygen to the brain. (This is me paraphrasing as I asked him about this a few months ago and I don’t remember everything. So take it with a grain of salt.)

Since I’m heading to the chiropractor right now (hadn’t gone for a while.) I am wondering whether these things are true. I’m gonna adk him to send me somethings on it. I know when I googled there are some clinical trials that have some connection but I couldn’t check them out as I was doing other things at the time.

Obviously this does not replace proper therapy and medication but I figured it could be an interesting thing for us to research together and check out. What do you guys?



So, I misread your post and was very confused at first by this line:

I was about to comment that I didn’t understand why your father was a diagnosis until I took the time to read it again. Whoops.

I used to see a chiropractor on the regular and he would tell me similar things about how having your spine properly aligned would un-pinch nerves and solve a lot of common issues naturally.

However, I have since learned that there are two schools of thought within the chiropractic community. One says you should get adjusted regularly whether you really need it or not to help maintain your alignment. The other says you should wait until you actually need to be cracked as too much of a good thing will actually hurt you. In this case, adjusting bones too frequently can lead to the joints becoming loose and slipping out more.

So, all that to say, I think there is a fair bit of over-exaggeration when it comes to chiropractors talking about their practice. Sure, it does feel good and helps the nerves and all that rubbish, but it’s probably not going to help prevent pancreatic cancer if we’re being honest.

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Currently i have myself set up to adjust myself twice a month at least until I’ve gotten into a more proper alignment. Luckily, it’s frequent but not crazy frequent.

Also so true there are alot of medical services and companies that bloat the effectiveness and benefits of their treatment. I like to research on everthing before checking things out. :slight_smile:



My chiropractor gave me a 4-page list of links to checkout and research. Let’s see how things go. :slight_smile:



As far as I know/remember, chiropractors only help on muscle/joint issues by relaxing and softening the soft tissues surrounding joints, and on a rare occasion realligning bones. But pretty much anything else they claim isn’t true. It IS possible to have a pinched nerve, and they may be able to fix it (although it can be risky and lead to permanent damage), but anything else is provably false. But hey, helping you relax might just help you feel less discomfort on a daily basis, which could help a little on quality of life. Still no evidence that they can help any medical problems what so ever, outside of certain joint and muscle/tendon issues.:sweat_smile: Oh, and plenty of evidence that they can’t/don’t help with other stuff too…



I was about to say the same thing.



Yoga may help with alignment. See this article:

There are books such as Yoga for Osteoporosis and Yoga for Pain Relief that may be worth checking out from your library. A few years ago I used to go to a Yoga teacher who made me focus on body aches and pains and made me do poses or exercises to help with that. Made a big difference then but of course I have slacked off since then.

As always, you should do your own research and get expert advice. Yoga done wrong can make things worse for you.