Looking for a quarter

I feel pretty low today. I’m part of a 12 Step group and my sharing at meetings the last couple of times has been somewhat off the wall, I think. I don’t get close to people and there are few I can ask for a reality check.
My ADHD is manifesting mostly as emotional dysregulation and low motivation. I’m quite down and just don’t want to do anything even though there are quite a few things happening in my life.
I felt good for a whole 2 days and now I’ve crashed and burned again.
I just wanted to get this out. I could use a quarter.

I understand what you mean about low motivation. I was diagnosed about 35 years ago. My doctor actually called it Attention Deficit HYPOactivity Disorder. I have always had low motivation. And that emotional dysregulation that you mentioned? I have been off my Strattera for about 4 days now due to not being able to get the prescription. You know what I did today? When the HR lady brought two new employees from orientation to our understaffed department at work, I jumped up and down and shouted like a kid. Not very professional.

All I’m trying to say is that you are definitely not alone. I hope you feel better soon. If you don’t, talk to your doctor, sponsor, or someone who can physically help you. Good Luck -H