Looking for solutions with a work transition

Hi all.

I’m getting better at identifying and making workarounds/shortcuts to my executive function inability, but I’ve got a work problem that’s got me super stumped. Hoping for some fresh eyes to help.

Firstly, this problem is compounded with pretty hard burnout…and boredom. I LOVE my job but I’m definitely in a stale phase. Not sure how to reignite that, but I’ve got a long vacation next week so hopefully that helps. Anyway, part of my issue is the burnout.

However, the main issue is that there’s an unavoidable transition that is reeeeeallly stressing me out every day. I work overnight, and am typically alone with few interruptions for the first five or six hours. (When there are interruptions they’re job function related, I have patients or UAs or similar duties) I do well in the quiet and keep myself busy on the paperwork/training part of my job.

However, when it hits the ‘day shift’ time, other workers pour in and all of them come by my area. It’s the main entrance, and my station, so I can’t tell anyone to go in another way. The time clocks are in the same room as me. This is a HUGE distraction and in the past I would transition well and just put my paperwork away, stand up and stretch, and acclimate to the pace change/huge influx of people/phone ringing off the hook/ten people needing 1000 different things. But for the past month or so I’ve been completely incapable of doing it.

I get angry and annoyed when they start coming in. I have tried wrapping up any “focused” project before that time, but now I’m getting angry that I have to wrap my focus up, haha. I can’t stop myself from working on whatever I’m working on, and I get explosively angry when I’m inevitably interrupted. It’s becoming a real problem. I’ve been just getting up and going in the other room to make coffee…due to my position I can’t leave the area for long amounts of time, but I thought the coffee-making would entice me.

It did not. I’m just in a rut, I’m grumpy, I don’t want to get up, I don’t want people to come in. I want to lock the doors and avoid the transition at all costs (once I’m transitioned into the busy part of the day I do just fine, I’m great at my job haha)

Any tips? Ideas? Thoughts? I appreciate any input on this. It’s driving me crazy!

Hmmmm. No ideas yet but I do sympathise and I hope for you that you get some good answers.

It used to be OK but now it’s not? Can you pinpoint when it changed? Might help you to work out why? Which might reveal something useful regarding a solution? I hope so!

And yay to the holiday :grinning:

Is there any chance you could be moved to a different area? That sounds to me like a very reasonable accommodation your employer could make.

I might have an idea after all…

Would it work if you saw it as two different jobs? Very conveniently having almost zero travel time between them😉

So instead of resenting people encroaching on your work space for job 1, you set a timer to ‘leave work’ just before they arrive, putting away all your paperwork etc, and have something nice as a starting work ritual for the 2nd job? Nice snack? special mug for your coffee? Freshen up like you’re just starting too? You could make a joke about how Superman just left and Clark Kent just started or something if anyone says anything. Or Jekyll and Hyde, depending on how dark your sense of humour is😅

Edited to add: oh, I think you work in a hospital, so the Jekyll and Hyde joke might be a bit too edgy, but then again I have heard that doctors and undertakers are the worst for that kind of thing :grin: