Lost In The System


I just need to let off some steam. This is to do with my assessment for ASD. I waited for 10 months for an appointment with Adult Psychology. The psychologist I saw referred me to one of her colleagues with more experience with autism. That was back in September. Since then I received a private diagnosis for ADHD. Two weeks ago Adult Psychology called to say they could offer me an appointment today and a letter was to be sent out. I never received a letter, yet thought they would have booked me in. I took off work early, turned up early and told no record of it. The receptionist was very apologetic, but their normal administrator is off sick. She even asked me if I was sure I had they right department. I recounted my conversation I had with the woman on the phone. I just wished I could remember her name. Back on the waiting list again. Lost a couple of hours wages to boot! :rage:


Sorry to hear that Susan. I’m sure it’s frustrating for you. Just remember that a low tolerance for frustration is an ADHD thing, and all you can do is wait it out.

But at least you’re heading in the right direction.

Having to wait 10 months for an appointment is pretty rough… And then to have your chain yanked like that…

See if you can get hold of the woman you originally spoke to. She might be more accommodating when she knows how she messed you around, worth a shot.

Good luck!