I’m 27 years old, I’m in a major life crisis right now. I lost my apartment in march and now I’m homeless, staying in a hotel. I dont know what to do with myself or my life right now. I need help finding a job so I can get back stable for me and my 7 year old.

Do you have a car? Rideshare driving saved me from a similar situation, because I thankfully had a car. Also grocery delivery, or if you are good with kids there is VIP Kid where you teach english to chinese students over the internet. these may not replace a full time job depending on where you live, but may bridge the gap while you are finding a full time job.

Do you have family who can help? That also has saved me from being totally stuck when i couldn’t afford rent.

Have you tried temp services? not always fun or interesting jobs, but often you get to do different things every couple weeks, and may find something you really enjoy.


You are not a failure unless you give up. Even if you want to.

I know it’s easier said than done, and I’m not great at this yet myself, but try to focus on winning today. That is literally all you can do today.

I am praying for you to have compassionate hearts in your life to come and help you with your situation. YOU AREN’T ALONE!


Yes I have a car. I tried lyft last year, I stopped because of my anxiety. I struggle with generalized anxiety and social anxiety. I enjoyed ubereats but I dont have insurance right now so my account is on Hold. I have tried a temp agency, it didnt go well so I’m going to go to another one. For years I struggled with finding jobs…I get anxious, depressed, and irritated when I go to look for a job. I hate everything about it :pensive::pensive:. I get bored easily and I’m very impatient. From the time I arrive at work I’m ready to go home. I just wish I knew what type of job would make me happy right now. My confidence and self esteem is really low so that plays a part in this as well.

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