Low-tech ADHD toolbox: what have you got for pets??

Pet: Two rats named Christopher

Functions as ADHD familiar: They were being sold as snake food! They (feeder rats) are talked about as damaged goods! This is not, I think, a judgment that human beings are allowed to make about Any Other Earth Creature! Feeling this way about my rats takes 0 effort! Feeling this way about myself takes lots of therapy, esoteric rationalizations, and daily reminders! Seeing that disparity is enough to make me see that disparity… if you see what I mean.

What are your pets? What are their PICS?


This is my fur kid Bailey. He is my emotional support animal and knows when I’m having a problem or anxious and calms me down so much. After a long day at work he provides me with puppy therapy when I get home.


Ahhh those eyebrows!!

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I have a golden retriever. We got him about 18 months ago, mainly because my daughter had always wanted a dog and it seemed like a reasonable way to stop her pestering us for a baby brother.

He’s proved to be a lifesaver for all of us (we’re a family of undiagnosed Brains). The fact that he needs a walk each morning means at least one of us gets a good dose of fresh air and exercise every day, plus an extended period of playing in the park with him at the weekends. His huge capacity for affection, both giving and receiving, is also massively helpful when some unconditional love is needed. And his presence adds to our sense of ourselves as a family.

He’s amazing and was exactly what we needed.


What a thoroughly lovely idea for a thread!

Here are my gorgeous kitties. Gretchen is SUPER energetic, which is perfect for me because I also get mad bursts of energy like she does! So I love to play with her and wind her up with toys and a laser pointer. We run all around the house and it tires her out. If she doesn’t do that, she ends up trying to chase Gunther around, and he is a more sensitive soul :joy:


Hope the photo upload works. My familiars are a pair of tiny aquatic snails! (Only one is pictured) They were hitchhikers on the plant which i bought from an aquarium store. They’ve gotten quite a bit bigger since I first discovered them but still about the size of apple seeds. Very ADHD friendly because i can forget about them for weeks at a time and they’ll still be fine. Just doing their snail thing :snail::snail:

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Aw I love your ratties! They’re so sweet together. I used to have rats too, but they fought all the time.


Rats, snails? Maybe I should get a pet slug? Or, I know, SLIME MOLD! “Hi, this is Goopy, a yellow-green Physarum polycephalum, isn’t he CUDDLY?” :wink:

OK OK, I joke, if you like 'em you’re certainly allowed to have 'em, but you have to admit it’s kind of funny right? I want to get a dog. I’m thinking Border Terrier, something along those lines. Here’s a picture of the dog I grew up with …

Loved him. Very free spirit, Lemonade the mutt (we said he was a “Feathered Aztec Coyote” when people asked what breed).

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Ahhhh!!! Pests make the best pets!


Hahahaha “coyote-sea dragon mutt.” Yes please get slime mold and give it a robotic face: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=P0i-Df4w4KY

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we have a bearded dragon but getting a dog within the next year for my son, at the moment he has a toy dog that he likes to feed and give cuddles and talk to hahahahahaa


I would love to meet your slime mold! :wink:
And Lemonade looks like a sweetheart. I like his whiskers.

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I know!! Speaking of pests, look who I found that same night I posted about the snails…

(sorry for the blurry photo… that was some one-handed photography)

A millipede! He was just going for a little promenade in my kitchen so I scooped him up and gave him a new home and fresh apple.