Lui from Adelaide, Australia

Finally, google/youtube did me a favour and suggested videos from your channel:

  • space app profile: Rabbit Hole-Wanderer
  • first diagnosed a over a decade ago, have only used neurotherapy and mindfulness meditation
  • forgot about my ADHD, got made redundant, started and completed a PhD in Applied Maths, now a researcher in renewable energy and sustainability
  • finding my zone again: lots of mindfulness guided meditation required
  • love animals, cat lover and now we have a 6 mth old pup, wow.

Looking for any advice in being an ADHD mentor or local support where I work. Two of us thinking of starting an A-Club (aneurotypical, or like in Young Frankenstein: `I found you a brain. Her name is Abi, Abi-normal’)

cheers (have to get back to work now)


Welcome Luigi . . .

An Aussie no less❗️

My daughter spent a college term abroad “down under” (:koala::kangaroo:)

“Mentor” . . . “A-Club” . . . GREAT IDEAS!

“Abi normal” . . . Love-it. One of my favorite movies . . . My favorite line: “Put the candle back!” (remember?)

Getting this out quickly . . . Impulsively (?)!

I’m new to this site. Not new to ADHD (73 years). Son (42) was diagnosed at 6. After living with him for 20 years, helping him through his struggles, and finally seeing him succeed . . . I figured out that the :apple: did not fall far from the :deciduous_tree::exclamation:

My son used to think he was “stupid”, “not college material” . . . With meds, tutoring (for learning disabilities), much parental support, a majority of “right decisions”, with my wife (mostly) and I never losing hope . . . he finally graduated college (took him 7 years in 3 colleges) and is a successful electrical engineer. btw: He just loves math (nothing I really understand).

Look forward to hearing more from you.

Best Regards,
Barry in USA (New Jersey)


Thanks Barry.

Still have to watch the whole of young Frankenstein but I’ll put it on the list.ritz

Yep, my kids are not far from the apple tree either but we’re easy goin here so managing to stay happy without the too many societal pressures.

Thanks esp. for the enthusiasm for our ideas, means a lot.


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