Lui from Adelaide, Australia

Finally, google/youtube did me a favour and suggested videos from your channel:

  • space app profile: Rabbit Hole-Wanderer
  • first diagnosed a over a decade ago, have only used neurotherapy and mindfulness meditation
  • forgot about my ADHD, got made redundant, started and completed a PhD in Applied Maths, now a researcher in renewable energy and sustainability
  • finding my zone again: lots of mindfulness guided meditation required
  • love animals, cat lover and now we have a 6 mth old pup, wow.

Looking for any advice in being an ADHD mentor or local support where I work. Two of us thinking of starting an A-Club (aneurotypical, or like in Young Frankenstein: `I found you a brain. Her name is Abi, Abi-normal’)

cheers (have to get back to work now)


Welcome Luigi . . .

An Aussie no less❗️

My daughter spent a college term abroad “down under” (:koala::kangaroo:)

“Mentor” . . . “A-Club” . . . GREAT IDEAS!

“Abi normal” . . . Love-it. One of my favorite movies . . . My favorite line: “Put the candle back!” (remember?)

Getting this out quickly . . . Impulsively (?)!

I’m new to this site. Not new to ADHD (73 years). Son (42) was diagnosed at 6. After living with him for 20 years, helping him through his struggles, and finally seeing him succeed . . . I figured out that the :apple: did not fall far from the :deciduous_tree::exclamation:

My son used to think he was “stupid”, “not college material” . . . With meds, tutoring (for learning disabilities), much parental support, a majority of “right decisions”, with my wife (mostly) and I never losing hope . . . he finally graduated college (took him 7 years in 3 colleges) and is a successful electrical engineer. btw: He just loves math (nothing I really understand).

Look forward to hearing more from you.

Best Regards,
Barry in USA (New Jersey)


Thanks Barry.

Still have to watch the whole of young Frankenstein but I’ll put it on the list.ritz

Yep, my kids are not far from the apple tree either but we’re easy goin here so managing to stay happy without the too many societal pressures.

Thanks esp. for the enthusiasm for our ideas, means a lot.


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Hiya Lui! Figured it was only polite to come find your intro!

What is neuortherapy? Sounds interesting!
What energy are you working on currently?

I’m an animal lover too! I was a proud owner of a gorgeous cat until a little over a year ago when he went to the rainbow gate. Hoping to get a dog soon if circumstances are right! What breed is your pup? What’s their name?

I’m heading over to Australia soon, for a month! Well, if covid 19 doesn’t block my plans :confused: any tips?

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Hi Lucy,

I’ll do these in the order I remember, I’d love to expand on all of these but time is pressing:
The animals: Mario is my avatar, he too has passed through the rainbow gate (what a lovely phrase) he was quite the cat and we now have 2 cats, Mela the peoples cat, and Nocciolina balerina. I’ll post some pics in a what animals do u have thread sometime?

The pup is Lupo, border collie, we forgot to read to the end of the brochure. He’s high energy, high intellect, high contact. Currently incorporating him into my excercise regime: a new method called ‘chasing puppy’ if I had my say I’d have got a rescue dog, but it was another example of domestic democracy. there is a picture of him on the big long thread/chat (todo: work out how to link other posts into these)

Australia is BIG, see the bits you don’t have at home like the reef around Townsville. Rain forests (even some of the burnt ones should be regenerating by then) Beaches etc. Adelaide is quaint and we have some of the world renowned wine regions, but it’s a long walk between cities so budget a day maybe 1/2 for flying between them, also no distances in Australia, everything is measured in travel time: eg. Adelaide-Melbourne, 8 hr by car, 90 minutes by plane etc. etc. If you have any specifics about what you want/like to do I could give more specific suggestions.

My take on Neurotherapy: computer assisted mindfulness meditation. It helped at the time but was not offered in combination with CBT and so almost a decade later I find myself having to rapidly band aid my life. How great is this forum!

Like your oh gosh moment I have a project to deliver on this fortnight so this should be my last post for a while.

Before I go One last thing: I’d like to take the time to thank you, and @Camper_Ellie and a bunch of other pre MED and MED practitioners for helping me adjust my thininking. One of my kids is his final year of High School trying to get into MED and well there’s been a lot of projection on my part that he should be thinking of doing something else; seeing your stories here has managed to change that perception in me.

To finish with a quote: when Leonard Berstein’s (the west side story composer amongst other things) father was asked why he didn’t support his son in his music (the back story being something about him beign a Polish ww2 refugee with a successful delivery business): ’How did I know he was going to be Leonard Bernstein?' I guess that old adage of you never know unless you try.

Ta ta for now.

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Ah I’d love to see pics! Good idea about the what animals do you have! They all sound so cute <3

We don’t have any of what you have!! Haha. Our countries are very different!! Like I’ve heard you have this really hot, yellowish burning thing in the sky?? Instead we have big fluffy grey things that drop water. I’m not sure what I want to do there yet! See the sights and the animals (no spiders too close though pleaase!), learn to surf maybe! Dive! All the things.

Ah ok, sounds somewhat useful at least. How’s the band aiding going? I hope after the band aiding you manage to find the help you need!

Hey that’s great that you’ve got inspiration from us! He could be a great doctor if he wanted for sure! I struggle with lots of simple (or not!) life stuff but I think I’m a pretty good doctor, ADHD certainly doesn’t stop that!! It’s a brilliant job for it - things generally happen quickly, there’s short time scales for things, you do lots of different things in a day, there’s a lot of moving around and using your hands for procedures and things, you have to be using your mind. It’s great! Some of the university side was a bit difficult and I did want to give up a few times wondering if it was for me but I’m glad I persevered! One tip I have is (if you have it over there) to try and find a course that includes more team learning/practical learning etc. Mine luckily had a lot of that and fewer lectures than other courses which helped me hang on in there!

Thanks for another quote, another good one!!

Good luck with your project, I’ll expect no reply until it’s done :stuck_out_tongue:


thanks, longer reply in the fullness of time.