Maybe I should quit.

I’m thinking about quitting school for good. I’ve been trying for several years to do any sort of good work in college, but have never managed to get through it without several failed classes and crippling anxiety.

I was only able to pass high school because I had a lot of very personal one on one attention, and even then I graduated by the skin of my teeth.

I don’t think I can get though school without heavy accommodations, or some kind of miracle, and at this point I just feel like I’m fighting a brick wall. Maybe it’s time I just walked away, get job or two and just work on my writing.

I’m not sure yet. I just know I’m not making it out of this semester with anything above a D and after that I’ll probably be on academic probation again, so… maybe the school will make this choice for me.


Are those your illustrations I saw on greendresser?

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yes that is my art. thank you for taking a look.


It’s a tough question. I got through my bachelor’s by the skin of my teeth and I didn’t complete an additional piece I had planned to do and really hoped to do. I got the degree, but it was a pretty awful experience. In the following few years I worked (not in jobs that used my degree, though it’s possible that having it mattered to the people in charge of hiring) and I found that change of environment made it possible to start to tackle some of the things that had been causing me problems at school. I took another program after that and it was still hard, but it went a lot better and it felt a lot better, too. I still wonder whether I would have been better to take a hiatus during my bachelor’s degree. I didn’t feel like pausing and taking a step away was an option, but when I look back I wonder if it might have helped me a lot and I could have come back and finished with more strength and less suffering.

I think this is one of those things that only you can really determine, but if you’re feeling like what you’re doing right now isn’t working I think that it’s good to consider all sorts of different approaches and hopefully you can find one that fits you well.


You are a talented, creative artist!

I know that earning money in any of the arts is not easy. And I certainly don’t know if that is something you would want. But it seems it is your passion. I know that “networking” . . . Being in the right place at the right time (you know what I mean) can open doors!

My son (ADHD + learning disabilities) eventually . . . and I mean EVENTUALLY got a degree. Took 7 years, 3 schools and a lot of frustration. In his case it took figuring out what he wanted to study, and therefore WHY he was in college . . . Once he found his passion (computer engineering) it just worked for him and he stepped over the finish line!

You did not say what help you are (or are not) getting. Meds? ADHD “COACHING”? Family support? This is not to pry . . . only trying to help.

For my son (now 42) having an ADHD “coach” was invaluable. Once away from home (1st time) in college, my wife and I sort of became his coaches. The first year, he literally called home every single night. We helped him by listening and by breaking down what seemed insurmountable obstacles for him to forge paths ahead.

I won’t ramble on (though as a “brain” too) I could.

Keep in touch with us here. Young or old (me being 73) we care, we want to help, and maybe together some good things can and will happen for you.



I’m in no position to be giving advice, so I hope that this helps you one way or the other:

When I’m struggling, it helps me to be honest about why I’m doing something. I try to make a decision because it will lead me towards something positive rather than doing so out of fear or shame - I don’t think it’s ever a good idea to let fear or shame decide your life for you. And DEFINITELY not the school.

Whatever that means to you, I hope it helps :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for the encouragement. I haven’t been on here for a while and things have been kind of rough, but coming back to your words were wonderful. I’ve really only had a cursory glance at ADHD coaching, I’ve always assumed it to be kind of expensive, but I may give it a look. at this point I’m medicated and seeing a psychiatrist every month or so, family support is… so so, but I know they’re trying, well at least my mom is.

anyway as an update to the original post, I mustered up the courage to take one class next semester, it is a creative writing class, which I guess would only count as enrichment, but I am trying to write novels so a creative writing course is bound to help some how right?


If you really want to keep on studying, can’t you just take less curses? Maybe it’s too much but you want to keep on being there.

If you really want to write, I think curses to improve are important, so at the you might study in the future too. Find your technics to deal with the studying, it’s also really hard for me.

Follow your dreams, meditate, take your time and figure it out what is best FOR YOU.

University (college?) is NOT the ONLY option to be a valid person, keep that in mind too. I didn’t go to university :slight_smile:

I hope it all comes good for you at the end


Anytime . . . Anytime at all . . . :sunglasses: