MCAT and becoming a psychiatrist

So, I just learned it is possible to get into med school without the preamble. IF (big IF) you can pass the MCAT and obviously with impressive enough margins.

When I was young I had determined my schooling would be in veterinary medicine. I have spent all my life accumulating knowledge on diagnosing and treating ailments in biologicals. Recently I have been applying my knowledge to humans under my care. Over the past 21 years to children and the past 5 years to geriatric relatives.

It has made me consider pursuing my MD.

My problems are many, obviously. Being in possession of an ADHD brain school can be difficult even when learning is easy. Especially when made to focus on things that have little or no interest.

Even in BS and MS degrees there is so little credit time actually spent on my desired specialization that it is frustrating. Even a degree in physiology and anatomy seems to waste so much time on things outside of science and the medical field it’s almost as if the majority of college degrees is dedicated to supporting people who obtained degrees in areas few people would pursue in depth without it being required of them. (make of that statement what you will)

Anyway… studying what my best course of action would be to begin pursuing a medical doctor degree with a specialization in psychiatrics I came across something interesting. Much like the Bar exam in many states, you can take the MCAT without previous medical or science or even any degrees. There are physicians of note, Nobel prize contenders even who never finished their lower degrees before getting into med school because they passed their MCAT.

I think if I spend the next 2 years while my two youngest continue to get older and more able to stay with dad while I am away, studying to pass the MCAT, that I have more than a small chance of passing it. I might be able to get some alumni from the local university to write me letters of recommendation as well. At least my family’s pediatrician and my family’s general practitioner.

I am getting pretty excited about this prospect. Trying to keep it in check to sort of eek out slowly over time, giving me little spikes of dopamine across a greater span of time.

IDK, maybe I can do this. You know, if I can manage not to sabotage myself too terribly over the next ten years. lol


Go for it!


Yes, @Mabd go for it!