Me and deadlines

So I know that being good with deadlines is an ADHD thing, but I’m not until it’s like right about to happen. Like if I have a report or something due I’ll forget to work on it for like 3 days and then on the night before I do it. I thought maybe in ADHD it was a bit better (today’s example is that I had to do shopping in 30 mins and I kept getting distracted till like the last 10 minutes and then I was focused on it and right when it was decided i got distracted a couple seconds later). Is this me not being ADHD like or is it me being ADHD like I’m not sure

This isn’t really a thing I’ve ever been good at (the finishing things right before a deadline thing) but since no one else has posted yet I think add something.

Yes, that is definitely an adhd quality.

I am not an expert on exactly how this works in adhd brains but from what I understand an adhd brain lacks dopamine (which is what you need in order to focus) and when people are in a high stress situation your dopamine levels rise, making you as calm and as focused as a non adhd person in a non stressful state. (An adhd person can actually be more calm than a non-adhd person in a crisis.)

So when you are left till the night before to do something for whatever adhd reason it might be (procrastination, inablility to focus, forgetting, etc.) thats usually when you can think the clearest. And when adhd people actually ARE able to concentrate that’s usually when you are able to hyper-focus. and if you can hyperfocus when you are in a stressful situation you’ll probably have more drive and concentration than most normal people have to finish whatever you need to do in that one-nighter.

I would say that its still not the best strategy for dealing with deadlines though. Because if you are associating completing work with stress and things that make you anxious in order to get things done, it could start putting a mental block between you and your assignments bc you naturally want to start avoiding that stress.

its still a really useful skill to have though! especially for us that have a procrastination problem to begin with lol. this is the time where i mention that even though i have adhd im actually not able to do this for whatever reason.

I’m really bad in stressful situations so if anything I might be the odd one out haha.

ps(im really sorry that my posts are so long its really hard for me paraphrase) :’(


Its ok, long post are nice

Yeah I thought it was ADHD but I wasnt exactly sure. I do struggle to not procrastinate but if i have other things to do and i need to do that in a certain time and i have to do homework first that helps create a deadline but sometimes i forget.

It is quite a helpful skill and being good in ekergencies may also be related and even though I am good in emergencies I do not do well in long term emergencies or when the emergency has lots of change because then i will have a delayed meltdown.

And you are correct on how it works

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yeah I totally envy that ability haha.

Most of the time peoples are insincts are fight or flight, but for me its freeze. I think my brain must assume that bc my homework deadline is making me anxious the best desision is to just not move and the home work will go away lol.

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id imagine so

Yeah, for me its usually fight or flight (usually fight but soimetimes flkight) because of PTSD but i can handle homework and stuff sometimes without having too much anxiety which may make me freeze and is the only time i freeze

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Yeah, that makes sense.

I just hope that if i am every in a real life or death senario my insticts function properly for the situation.
but for right now my main battle is with my books haha

also, I’m sorry about you having PTSD I know that must be extremely hard to live with

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Yeap and it also causes triggers and (I think only one for me) unreasonable fear(s)

I also have what can be considered a severe form of PTSD called DID which is caused by childhood trauma. (I also may have cPTSD, the scale goes from least bad to worstest and starts with PTSD and ends with DID so PTSD is the most ok of the 3 and then cPTSD then DID). although i am not diagnosed with DID

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I feel like i can sometimes have unreasonable fears and i can be a kind of paranoid at night, i don’t think mine would nessisarly warrant any kind of attention or worry. Though i am pretty sure i developed a OCD when i was younger, but nothing recently.

But Wow, i didn’t know there is a scale for ptsd (which i mean now that i think about it that makes sense concidering most disorders have different levels and types) thats very informative.

But regardless i can’t beleive that it can just get worse than standard ptsd. I hope you get better with time (if that is something that actually can be worked on and improved upon)

and i hope that no one on here will trigger anything for you and that you can have a safe community to share your thoughts on.

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I definitely have an unreasonable fear, a fear of males. And I am quite paranoid at night so I have to have the lights on. I do have some OCD tendencies but thata my autism.

Yeah there is, at least I heard of that and it made sense.

Yeah it does and it totally sucks and thank you I hope I do to.

I’ve already been triggered on here but thank you. And I try to share it thoughts but I feel it should only be ADHD related

i can get kind of nervous around males somtimes.

Its not that bad though, but there are times where im affraid to look at some of my male freinds in the eyes. and authortative males or adult guys that try and talk to me in public that i don’t know can make really nervous.

But i think i might just do that bc my parents have been divorced since i was one, and so i have only lived with females for almost my entire life.

i also sleep with the lights on but thats mostly bc im scared of monsters or other things trying to get me. (even though i know there is nothing there lol)

im really sorry that you struggle with that though.

well i think that bc adhd affects all parts of our lives and there can also be many aspects of your life that affects adhd i think its okay to branch off from time to time. Especially if its a concern or about a sister disorder.

We can all struggle with more than just adhd so i think being a bit couragous in talking about another kind of human struggle could actually help you to connect with other adhder s who also have dealt with that problem too.

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I have gotten better about being around them but I do not feel safe around them and will growl if they get to close.

I dont really look anyone in the eyes or at least pay attention to whatever they mean but I do get overwhelmed if faces are to close.

I lived with my mother for most of my life since my dad was in and out of rehab for a bit

I’m scared that one of my abusers will come back well I’m sleeping and hurt me so yeah even though I know ita unlikely I still dont feel ok with sleeping at night

It’s fine enough

Yeah true, I’m not even diagnosed with ADHD though I’ve done quite a bit of research and I dont think I will be diagnosed because they have to ask my teachers if they notice it but I’ve gotten quite good at hiding things that I dont want people to see so they probably wont notice that I start looking out the window often and get distracted easily and am always fidgeting. They also wouldn’t notice that I’m hyperactive because I use leg bouncing and fidgeting to hide that since I was young because I didnt want people to know and impulsively I can usually hide, especially because my anxiety is usually the first thing to arise but i am impulsive emotionally or when overwhelmed. (I may have just gotten off topic oh well though)

Very true

Also sorry for the late response I unintentionally took a nap (probably because I slept like 3 hours in the morning and not at all at night)

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Its okay about the late response, I didn’t mind. (I’m late in responding too. I probably just got distracted, as the story goes haha.)

It’s good that you have gotten better, but I’m so terriblly sorry that that happens in the first place.

No one should ever half to live in fear like that bc of what someone has done. I hope you continue to make progress and are able to not let this stop you from living your best life. Even though it takes time, you can overcome anything. Don’t let anyone hold you back.

Well even if you can’t get a diagnosis here I’m sure you will be able to find some helpful stuff with the information you have gathered and by chatting with other adhd people.

But still, I don’t understand what the teachers help could in diagnosising you. Bc even if they don’t report anything thwy shouldn’t just right you off bc they just might not notice the symptoms. It’s incredibly hard to recognize sometimes especially if you don’t have the hyperactive type. So why should they write you off if they don’t? (Im kind of asking this coming from not really knowing how the whole diagnosing thing works bc I was really young when I was diagnosed lol)

Maybe if the teachers don’t report anything perhaps you have a parent or guardian to back you up instead?

Also this is just off of something I heard from an ADHD testimony but I heard one guy in an interview say that the way they tested him was by running a test that made him try and press a button every time he heard a beeping sound as a way to test his ability to concentrate and it actually got him diagnosed for ADHD. Soooooo maybe there are ways of getting diagnosed without other people’s testimonies? Maybe? I’m sorry I’m not so helping with that part of it. :sweat_smile:

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Ok (:

Its fine

Yeah I hope I can to and thank you

Yeap (:

I dont know I find it quite stupid

Yeah but I think my mom has ADHD so she wouldnt notice and i dont talk to my dad but I could

Yeah I’ll talk to the doctor

Also sorry for the short responses I can add more after therapy

Lol that’s fine.

Also I just thought of something but have you ever tried maybe getting a sound machine to try and sleep better? Like one that plays nature noises, or would it be more distressing not to be able to hear what’s going on around you?

It’s just a quick suggestion but it might help you if you can focus on something claming while going to bed instead getting caught up in the worry. (I usually keep YouTube playing on very low volume on my TV so I won’t get worried falling asleep)

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I do listen I music but lots of nature sounds can upset me so that wouldnt work and I like to hear what’s going on around me

Yeah I usually just do breathing techniques and my music but it doesnt always work, I also do a tense whole body and de-tense it thing

Yeah it is harder to diagnose inattentive ADHD and I think girls mask their ADHD like others do or peoe just notice because I think there is a factor that leads to girls also being less likely to be diagnosed with ADHD

Oo what ADHD testimony? I’m also in a telesumit from ADA (maybe adda? idk) about ADHD and stuff and ita really interesting but ita five 3O segments that are only avalible for 24 hours so I dont actually watch most of it and it has been helpful
One of the things intheir was noticing your needed ADHD factor like enough sleep or a schedule or something
And I csnt remember the others

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Yeah i can definetly see how it is really hard for girls to be diagnosed for inattentive adhd. I guess im just really lucky that my mom thought to get me tested at such a young age. Bc if not i probably wouldn’t have even noticed my symptoms until now. And even now i might have just assumed im going through the motions or something.

I hope you get the opportunity to get tested though.

The testimony thing is actually kind of embarasing bc its not really a testimony per say lol. I was watching a podcast and it had actually been a viner and he invited another viner to come over to talk and he got on the subject how he was diagnosed with adhd and how taking medication for it had been difficult.

I don’t know if you have ever watched any vines before but it’s that kid named Josh Kennedy? hes made some very popuar ones. (he also made that one that goes “i just got diagnosed with cool guy syndrome…so now i take Adderall” (which i had forgotten completely about until AFTER watching the video with him talking about it :expressionless:)

What exactly is a telesumit? i can’t remember, is it just like a convference for a specific topic or something? it sounds really helpful tho :o

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Yeah it took me a bit to notice that how hard it was for me to pay attention and sit still wasnt normal

Thank you

Oh ok well it’s still interesting, whether they are viners or not

I havent and I dislike that because if he doesnt have ADHD then it can be very bad affects on his brain and may make people think that it is ok to take adderall whenever.

It is a group of people on the internet using the internet to talk about the same subject

Also I dont know if this will work but here is a linkt o the telesumit