Medication and increased anxiety

Hi everyone,

I am a new another adhd brain in this group. I was late diagnosed at 20 years old. I am 31 years old now. I am using sometimes Concerta 36mg sometimes Ritalin depends on my workload on the day. I am using them regularly for 2 years except for some weekends which is my longest period on medications.

I realized that medications increased my anxiety for last months. My psychiatrist prescribed Prozac( antidepressant). I took Prozac and Ritalin (or concerta) together for 2 months but it made me Zombie. I had no anxiety, no positive or negative feelings, no energy for working and I even couldn’t think easy things about daily life or work staff. Therefore I stoped taking Prozac by talking with my psychiatrist 2 weeks ago. Now my anxiety has come back. If I take Concerta, I can concentrate and work but I feel antisocial. I don’t want to speak with anybody or I can’t find that energy. If I take 2 Ritalin (the second one after 4hours) on the same day, it also effects negatively my concentration and anxiety. Those medications were like a superpower for me when I started the first time but now I can’t work without them and they make me more nervous and less confident during job interviews. I don’t understand what happens to me. Did anybody have a similar situation? Any suggestions?


We all react so differently to meds. I take Prozac, Wellbutrin, and just started on Lamictal (an anti-seizure / mood stabilizer). While I can’t really offer you any suggestions, other than working with your prescriber to figure out the best combination of meds . . . I did want to take this opportunity to WELCOME you to this fine place. I am sure some others will respond and perhaps have specific thoughts on the matter that might be helpful to you. Until then, stick around. We’re glad to have you here.


It is never an exact science. It is very common for meds to stop working for people after a while. Bring up your concern to your psychiatrist because you may need to change medication or maybe the dose.

And welcome to the tribe.