Medication because I don't know what else

Hello Brains,
I hop that is the right categorie for that topic.

At the moment I have a lot of diagnoses (a lot of mental health stuff) but there are people who believe that I am autistic with ADHD. I started to research about both and guess that I could delete a lot of my other diagnoses and replace them with autism and ADHD. I found out that there is a thing called ‘autistic burnout’ and it describes perfectly why my psychiatrist give me a sick certificate for three month last year. Since then I have a lot more struggle than before to focus and go on with my life than before, and I wasn’t really good with life before. I had a few times prescriptions for anti-depresants but I only took natural stuff. I had some medications for my migraine but some of them get me so big side-effects that I was afraid to take any serious medications since, mainly because my parents pay for my study and they were really angry when I couln’t study because of the side-effects. I am not really capable of study when I am feeling “good” but I try. Since last year all got worse and I really struggle with nearly everything. I have an appointment to get autism and ADHD diagnostic in October but I can’t wait till then, I need something that can help me. I have an appointment with my psyichiatrist on monday and I will ask her, if there is anything she can give me. But I am not sure, if she will give me something usefull. And even if she does, I am really afraid of taking serious medication. But I don’t know what else to do.

Sorry that the text is so confusing, I can’t really concentrate.
Have you any ideas (I know you’re no medical staff, but I am open for every suggestions).
Thanks so much.

Hi cupkake,

I hope you don’t me asking, but why are you afraid of taking ‘serious’ medication? Are you worried about potential negative side effects? How they’d affect your mood? Your parents reaction to you taking them? The potential impact on your education?

As for the migraine medications you where taking. If you’re having a bad side effect to any form of medication you should stop immediately. Don’t push through it thinking it’ll get better because the majority of the time your reaction will just get worse.

Taking breaks from studying, whether because you’re sick or not, is a healthy thing to do. Burn out in education is a common problem and not something you want to be dealing with when transitioning from school to work. Burnout can also affect your academic performance, social life, home life and physical and mental health.

It’s a good thing you’re seeking help and support for your ADHD and Autism diagnosis, but medication isn’t the be all ends all when it comes to either condition. You’re going to have to learn strategies and habits/routines to help you with what you want to do. That’s definitely something your psychiatrist can help you to develop and research.

Some of my own study strategies are to find a quiet corner at my uni, that way I’m away from home so there’s less distractions to deal with, or at the local library and just focus on one topic at a time. I use something called the pomodoro system which is where I will focus on this one topic for 25 minutes and then break for 15 and repeat. I specifically use an app on my phone called Forest so that I’m not tempted to spend those 25 minutes on my phone instead of studying. I feel horribly guilty when the tree I’m growing dies because I went onto Instagram.

Another thing you can do is reach out to you university or school (I don’t know where you are so this might be irrelevant or incorrect) and contact the disabilities department to see what support is available to you. Both ADHD and Autism are classified as disabilities so you’d be qualified for some sort of support from the department. Whether that support comes in the terms of a one on one tutor weekly, allowances with assignments and other possible supports is something you’d have to discuss with them. I’d strongly encourage you do reach out as I can promise they’re a blessing. I would of failed many assignments without their support.

I hope this helps you out in some capacity and wish you luck with your appointment on Monday and diagnosis in October.


Thanks for your text.

Yes, I am worried about potential negative side effects. When I got my migraine medication I had mood swings, nausea, dizziness and few other things (can’t recall at the moment, it was like two years ago (or more)).
I guess my parents have no problem with taking them in generall (or I don’t care if they do), I am more afraid of their reactions to the side effects. The thing is, that my parents have the opinion that I am not ill, they think I would just acting to get pity from other people. If that would be true I should have become an actor. But at least I know that I am not acting because then I wouldn’t experiencing the stuff when I am alone and I tend to isolate myself so I don’t annoy other people with my problems.
I am not sure what you mean with ‘impact on […] education’.

When I realised (people told me) that I have these side effects, I went imediatly to my psychiatrist and we stopped the medication.

I know that it would be good and healthy to stop sometimes but I am financly dependent from my parents, I would love not to, but I tried to work in the last holidays and in that time I felt really good and had nothing other to do and I couldn’t work more than 40 hours in a month and I can’t finance me completely with that. To finance me comletely from my own work I have to work 100 hours per month but at the moment I am not capable of doing that. I was in a clinic 2017 (for 3 months therapy) and when I came back my psychiatrist read the report the clinic sended to her and told me, that there is the possibility that I am not able to work enough to completely finance myself after I finish my study (that really freaked me out), but I don’t know what I can do to increase my ressources so I can work more.
At the moment I am still suffering from the negativ follow from the autistic-burnout last year, I really have difficulties to come over with and I really don’t know how to deal with the whole situation.

I have a lot of strategies, habits and routines (I have a lot of therapy experience), maybe they are not the right strategys because they ‘fit’ for the diagnosis I have, but if they are misdiagnosed, it is not a surprise the strategies don’t help me.
The problem is, that I need a therapist to learn to deal with ADHD/autism, because my psychiatrist can’t see me that often (at the moment I see her once in three month for like 20 minutes), and my psychiatrist is retiring at the end of the year. I tried to get new therapy last year, but because I had allready so much therapy before there are no therapist who wants to have me as a patient and in my city there are no therapists for autism (I don’t know who the situation is with ADHD).

I use forest, too. Mostly at work so I really work and don’t check my messages every five seconds.

I have compensations for diabilities at my university and the appointee for students with disabilities is really nice but they don’t know what are the possibilities (and I don’t know either) so every time I have a new idea what could be helpfull I go to the appointee, explain the idea to him, if we both think it is a good idea, I go and talk with the teachers (and hope they are ok with it) and then I hope that my parents get no knowledge of it and won’t get angry at me. It is really exhausting because I have no really help from experienced people, because there are no people in my city (like therapists and staff like that) who would help me. I don’t know what to do and at the moment I am just gratefull that the university is ok with me not really studying and will not kick me out.

Thank you so much for being there and giving tips.
I will try to speak with my psychiatrist today, because I need at least my on-demand medication.

Okay, I was today at my psychiatrist because I didn’t know what else to do, I guess it went better than expected. When I arrived there, they told me, that I have a new psyichiatrist and I started to cry (I am not that good with change). The new psychiatrist took time to speak with me, gave me Tafil (that is my on-demand medication which I have taken two times in the last 2 years) and explained, that it wouldn’t be good to give me other medication because it could change the outcome of the diagnosis in October. Should I get diagnosed with ADHD in October I will get Ritalin or something like that, but till then I will have no medication.
I also spoke with him about the current situation and he agreed with me that it is probable burnout (or autistic-burnout).

At the moment I try to medidate Monday to Friday once a day and on weekends I do PMR once a day but I am not sure, what else I can do (my Psychiatrist just said I shouldn’t overwhelm myself). But I need to do something, I am not capable of living at the moment and that is awefull.

When I was a poor student in college, and agitated for any reason, or feeling burned out, I instinctively walked a lot. It really helped me to first calm down and then start analyzing and thinking more clearly. Even now a long brisk or leisurely walk makes me feel happier, more calm, clear headed and energetic. I don’t always manage it but I find early morning walks the best. Experiment and see if it helps you too. The hard part is getting started but may be you can gamify it some way? Hang in there!

Gamification helps me with nearly everything. I am not good in walking, if I don’t feel so good mentally I tend to just sit down (sometimes for ours) and not being able to stand up. Mostly when that happens I call friends to come, with people it is a lot easier. But I guess any kind of exercise would be helpfull.
Thanks for your advice!

To me, walking outdoors is fun, while exercise is more of a chore. As a “Brain” I am naturally going to go for fun :slight_smile: Seeing a blue sky, greenery, may be the sun coming up, smelling fresh air and flowers, hearing the sound of birds and street noises, It all makes me feel alive. And all the while I am letting my mind wander. Vastly different from walking on a treadmill with my earphones on.

You can start small. Set a goal of 5 minutes. If you like that, add 5 more. Next day exceed that. If it helps, treat yourself to a reward after walking, Try walking 5-15 minutes a day. Make a note of how you feel afterwards and review that in a week.

Things really fell apart for me in university. Looking back I wish I had taken time off, but I didn’t really consider the idea at the time. I had a diagnosis of depression and ADHD wasn’t considered but I wasn’t getting benefits from various antidepressants so the thing that ended up making a difference was lifestyle changes. Since you’ve got to wait for diagnosis and meds it might be a similar situation.

For me lifestyle changes have made the difference between a severe problem and a moderate one. Food, sleep and physical activity are 3 major building blocks. Anything you can do to improve/support one of those areas is likely to have value. For ADHD physical activity is a particularly big one.

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