Medication not working

Hi there, at 42 I’ve just been diagnosed with ADHD. After years of feeling broken, useless and not belonging, it finally made sense to me and I no longer felt broken.

After having years in and out of jobs that are too junior (due to lack of confidence) and me getting bored, plus my lack of emotional regulation. I’m considering freelancing. I’m just struggling with the lack of motivation to get started. My hope was that I could get some motivation to get started and feel focused.

I’ve tried stimulants & they didn’t work and am now trying non-stimulants. The first lot of non-stimulants aren’t allowing me to sleep well and giving me mild anxiety, but I’m scared that the next lot won’t work either.

Has anyone had the same experience?


I understand the fear because I’ve been going through the same thing with meds for something else

If you are still in the first month or two of your current non-stimulant med you probably shouldn’t count it out yet. During that period it’s typical for the positive effects to increase and the negative ones to decrease


Long term, build up trust with your care team.


And be patient. Med trials take time usually. And even if you find a medication or medications that work, you’ll still need to supplement with tools, skills, and supports. What areas are you still struggling with? What are you hoping medication will help with?


Thanks. I have been on a life long search to ‘fix’ myself and am currently working with what I have and that I’m not broken. I guess I’m hoping that medication will help me to focus/concentrate, be more motivated and make me feel calmer. I’ve always had issues with jobs and identitied that I always go for junior roles where I get bored easily and have problems with emotional regulation. I’m hoping to go freelance, but in all honesty need a kickstart!

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