Medication prices around the world.


I am surprised how expensive ADHD medication is seeing it has been around for so long. I am interested in how much people pay in different locations.

In Australia these ar the prices I have come accross. Theses are what we call private scripts so it will be about the most you will pay.

Concerta 36mg - $58
Vyvance is about $115

Both for 30 tablets.




My price for vyvanse is $308USD a month.

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On my old insurance plan Vyvanse was $100USD a month, basically all the ADHD meds were $100USD… but I now have REALLY GREAT insurance (cause I got to pick my plan level) and now it’s $30USD.

I wish it could be that low for everyone D: :broken_heart:
And if I ever lose this insurance I’m probably screwed. >.<

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I kinda hate the fact, people are making money from the impaired…

It’s not as bad in Germany. We have a copay of up to 15 Euros depending on the size of the prescription.

But I guess the negative is, that for adults with ADHD there’s only one type of medication -> Mehtylphenidate (Medikinet adult retard - means extended release :wink:) At least with the statutory health insurance plan. Can’t afford private insurance, therefore they might cover it. In any case, for adults any other type of medication would be off-label-use…



RIGHT?! It’s heartbreaking and infuriating.

15 Euros sounds nice - glad it’s fairly affordable there! Sucks about the medication choice (or lack there of) though.
I do admit having easier(ish) access to different medications here in the states is nice. If only our healthcare/insurance system would actually make medical costs survivable instead of finance crippling.



Oh, I know…
Capitalism, where the dream is to fill all human needs, at a price we decide,
The price looks like dollars, but it’s actually your time
To find yourself in a better place, somwhere you feel comfortable
Money is the key for your futuristic dream

Not to spread negativity, but the comprimise is kinda huge in my eyes. At least it felt like that, when I was living in the US. Then again, we are all kinda ‘in the system’, Germany has this huge trend to be more and more like the US. I think it’s because any type of patriotism is immediately meet with “Nazi”…

Okay, let’s turn this to positive, shall we :wink:

I think even in these ‘nowadays’-circumstances, I want to find my stability inside to give back as much of my strenghts (qualitative not quantitative) as I can to the community. (There, wasn’t to bad :grinning:)


Wow its crazy how much the price for the same compoud varies so much. Sure these companies have to make a return on the very expencive R&D they do but production costs would be no more than a couple of bucks. When something like 8 or 9 million scripts are given out for each of thsese drugs each year somone is doing well.

I wonder if the price we pay here even as a private pacient is being subserdised by our government.



I did search for this information in the UK a while back but below was all I could find. These are the actual cost to the NHS of the medications supplied, bearing in mind that a UK prescription cost to the patient is £8.80, although free for children and some people who claim benefits.

Its seems that the patented extended delivery mechanism is where the drug companies make their money.

Information from this article on treatment for patients under 18, dated 2015.

Products available

Concerta XL - 18mg, 27mg & 36mg modified release tablets
Cost x 30 tablets = £31.19, £36.81 and £42.45 respectively.
(Branded generics are now available e.g. Xenidate XL, Matoride XL.)

Equasym XL - 10mg, 20mg & 30mg modified release capsules
Cost x 30 = £25, £30 & £35 respectively.

Medikinet XL - 5mg, 10mg, 20mg, 30mg & 40mg modified release capsules
Cost x 30 = £24.04 £24.04, £28.86, £33.66 & £57.72 respectively.

Methylphenidate - 5mg, 10mg & 20mg immediate release tablets (Medikinet brand)
Cost x 30 tablets (scored) = £3.03, £5.49 and £10.92 respectively.

Methylphenidate - 10mg immediate release tablets (Ritalin brand).
Cost x 30 tablets (scored) = £5.57


So, the reason my cost is so high is because I have a high deductible health plan, so my insurance negotiates the prices, but I have to pay in full until my deductible is met, which is around $5500. And even if I meet the deductible, I would still have to pay 20% of the cost (about $62) until I hit my out of pocket maximum which is $11,000.

HOWEVER, to be clear, I thankfully do not have to fork over $308 every month right now. I applied for a financial hardship program that the drug company runs and was approved, so they pay for my scrip each month. But the first couple of months before I found that program were really stressful.

If anyone is in the US and on Vyvanse and finds it difficult to afford the cost, here is the website for the financial need application.

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OH YESSSS I remember that chat we had now!
I had a coupon that I had found, not knowing they had a full on financial aid program.
Thank god they have one.

13/10 WOULD RECOMMEND SHIRE CARES PROGRAM. :grey_exclamation::grey_exclamation::grey_exclamation::grey_exclamation::grey_exclamation::grey_exclamation::grey_exclamation::grey_exclamation:

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In New Zealand once special authority is granted mine is $5.00 a month for meds


In The Netherlands you can get brandfree meds and they are much cheaper (8 euros for 30 instead of almost 30 euros). They are not covered by insurance.


A mate of mine used to cook speed. Ever watch the show “Underbelly”?

Even with the restrictions on the base ingredients, it cost him a lot less than the pharma companies charge for their product…

Admittedly, they don’t make theirs in a dodgy old Port Melbourne kitchen oven with a bunch of junkies all looking over the shoulder. Luckily, speed was never my thing…


I’m on 350mg Wellbutrin XL and it is $80 CAD a month. My son is on 30mg generic Strattera and it is $50ish CAD a month.

A friend just filled her son’s new Intuniv and it was $400 for the month. :flushed:

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The whole price-of-drugs discussion is ever-changing. I’m often amazed at the variability in my own experiences. My usual dose of the generic equivalent (Netherlands “brandfree” is the same, I assume) of Adderall can cost me anywhere from $12 to $100 a month, just depending on whether I get a tricky coupon at the right time, whether the stocks are high or low, whether I get two 10-mg pills or one 20-mg pill, etc… It’s just silly.


For 50 tablets / capsules of Medikinet 30mg retard adult, I pay €61 which should be around US$80 I guess ? However, I have a private health insurance (it’s a very complicated system in Germany), which means that I’m paying it forward and my insurance is giving my money (everything) back, once I hand in my prescription.
In the end I’m not paying for my meds but I pay for my insurance, however, my medical bills are higher than my insurance fees per month, so I won :slight_smile: :muscle:


So for 30 vyvanse today I paid $113. I am not eligible for the meds to be subsidised here so I pay the full private price. And I thought concerta was bad at just under $60.