Medication, pro- cons?


I have an appointment next week to discuss meds. I want to know, what was the difference? does it help you? do you still feel like yourself?
And what are the con’s?


I definitely don’t feel like a robot :slight_smile:

I have had bouts of being quick to get snappy (mensen afsnauwen) which was not longlasting. Kind of temporary side effects when i first started or increased dosage.

But my experience is new, only since July this year.

I am oversensitive to caffeine, and nobody mentioned that as being an issue. It made a huge difference: the first time I took a minimal dose it was like a miracle pill and I thought, wow! That’s some placebo effect!!

Turned out it was because i had it with coffee!

So after several weeks i worked this out and cut coffee out of my diet. I wanted to know what the stimulants did on their own, partly because i would never really know how much caffeine was in a cup of coffee (different brands etc).

Now my dose hasn’t been changed for a while and I occasionally drink a cup of coffee in the afternoon,several hours after my last dose of medication (which is at lunchtime). It gives me a kind of top up, not the palpitations I got when i increased the dose before cutting out the caffeine.


Caffiene makes me sleepy… very weird… I have no idea why :rofl:


I feel like the meds have helped me… They brought some order to the disorder in my mind.
The side-effects of the meds are the biggest cons I can think of.
If it’s the right medicine and dosage you won’t feel like a robot or zombie on them.


I have no idea what kind of side effects I can expect. I hope not to serious. Rebound is a thing that can prevented with the right timing right?


My psychiatrist mentioned about caffeine helping many ADHD’ers to sleep. As I understand it, it’s because it slows down our racing thoughts.


I am on day three of Adderall. This is my first foray into medication. Day one felt amazing. I actually cried because I never felt so good and functional before in my life. Day two, I would get EXHAUSTED (Rebound is real, people) between doses. I am told this is common, particularly when you start or increase dosage. It call also be avoided by scheduling pills differently. I’m busy from 6 am to sometimes 10 at night, so getting exhausted is a HUGE detriment to me. I will probably need more pills per day than they started me with. Day three I have been throwing up and nauseous. I don’t know if this is from not eating before taking my pill (zero appetite on meds) or something else. I have also had a faint headache. I go back to my doctor soon to figure all of this out.

With the bad stuff out of the way, I have to get into the pros. I feel amazing. Twenty or thirty minutes after my first dose, it felt like a switch went on. I got this sudden surge of motivation and energy. I was productive for a good 5 hours before my pill wore off. Before starting ADHD, my life was getting out of hand. I was so overwhelmed with everything going on that I was becoming anxious and even depressed. I have never been prone to depression, so this was really worrying. On my medication, I am still concerned about this pileup of stuff that accumulated while I was stressed and overwhelmed, but it is a productive concern. (Does that make sense?) I am able to transition from tasks SO MUCH FASTER. I can also shift my attention more quickly. If I am working on something on my computer and my kids ask me something, I can immediately focus on their request, answer them, and get right back into what I was doing. That has been a nice change for me.

So my short answer in my extensive experience with Adderall (three whole days, lol) there has been an immediate changed in mood and motivation. Adjusting to the medication or finding the best medication might be a process.


I may need to try drinking coffee in the afternoons. Knowing how my body reacts, that would probably be way more helpful than having it in the morning. I don’t typically drink a lot of coffee but if I have it in the morning I can feel a little on edge. Thanks for the advice!


Wow. That sounds somehow perfect. I hope the side effects will go away


I love my adderrall and would never go back. All the myths about ADHD meds are trash.


I have no idea what adderall is called in the Netherlands, I hear sooooo many different things. Maybe it really is different for every person…
I have no idea what I get…


Adderall is a form of dexamfetamine, I think.


Maybe :slight_smile: I will see what they say. I am soooo nervous


It’s this week, your appointment, right? Good luck! Starting meds is just the beginning of a process of trial and error. It’s a good idea to keep a daily record of the dose (i do this in advance, then alter the record if anything changes, eg forgetting a dose, or reducing it following a discussion with the psychiatrist). I also write on this record anything I want to remember to tell the psychiatrist about side effects etc. Then if he tells me important stuff at my next appointment I write that down too.

I use special paper blocked out with the days of the week, and it helps me to keep this in one place. I can also compare this with my actual diary (agenda /appointment book) if there have been major side effects/issues simce my last appointment.


I tried keeping a record. I did it for 2 days and then just forgot I was doing it. LOL.


I started 1x daily in the morning Adderall, extended release this past Thursday. The change for me has been like night and day. No, more like not realising that the staticky radio station I have been listening to all my life (I’m 41) wasn’t normal. It really feels like I have my brain tuned to the correct frequency now, and the station isn’t staticky, cutting out, intermittent, it’s…just…finally…clear.
The list of positives for me is long.
The experience of random dizzyness, nausea, sudden tears, is noted, but none of these are long lasting in the moment.
I knew I was suffering, but I didn’t know the extent.


I started concerta XL 8 days ago, just had my dosage upped. Honestly, I don’t know how I feel. I got some negative side effects at first that have kinda settled now, like headaches and this mad insomnia.

I think I’m still getting distracted, but focusing more on the distractions? Like, if I play a video game, instead of getting bored after 30 minutes like I usually do, I’ll focus on it for hours. Which actually makes me LESS productive?

I did also have a coffee yesterday and oh my word… I couldn’t sit down for longer than five minutes at a time, I was so energetic.


I fill it in for about two weeks in one go, in advance, otherwise I would forget what the instructions were about gradually increasing the dose etc. Now the dose hasn’t changed for a while but I am keeping up the habit because I am hoping to change to non-stimulants soon, so more changes…


I had my appointment today, got home with a lot of instructions and Ritalin… I am really nervous, maybe a bit scared, hopefull… I think I just try to stop thinking about it and just wait and see :slight_smile:


Hey, good luck!

I had my first coaching appointment today :slight_smile: