Medication, pro- cons?


I am LOLing about forgetting to keep a record. I have the same problem. You KNOW it is a good idea. You TOTALLY intend to do it. But you know… ADHD. :joy:

You know what is helping me? I have given up feeling bad that I forget stuff!!! I’m sick of being discouraged. I started a notebook. I keep it in my living room. If it takes me three days to remember to log my meds, well I do my best to remember and fill in what I know. Maybe logging meds isn’t what works for you. That is OK, too. :slight_smile:


Oh no… I read the piece of paper that is in the med-box… possible side-effects… Why do I always do that. And I thought it is ok to drink 1 small beer sometime… nope :roll_eyes:


Yeah, Ritalin and other stimulants enhance the effects of other drugs. It’s one of the reasons my therapist back in highschool told me to just not tell anyone I was taking it, so no one would try to steal it off of me or offer to buy it.


I also don’t really get how I should plan my meds. Every 3 hours, not more, not less, 3 times a day. I get up at 7:30am. 22:30/23:00 I go to sleep…


Can you get a telephone call-back appointment to go through this with the dr. again tomorrow?

And that record I keep? It’s on special paper from the clinic that was sitting ready for the moment I said ‘wait, I have to write this down or I’ ll forget’ (a simple instruction about how to increase the dose). I picked this clinic because they focus on adhd, i guess this is evidence of their extensive experience :sweat_smile:


I have a follow up appt. Next week.
I think I just try not to take it too early


Wow first day today. I am sooo happy! For the first time I could talk to someone and remember what they said, even when my daughter interupted a few times, I could just continue the conversation. Doing things in my home didn’t take as many effort as before, because I could stick to my task a bit easier. And starting up was a bit easier. The changes aren’t major and I realise I am just at the beginning but for now I am so happy, even the smallest thing like talking normally to someone is such a great thing.
Con: I feel a bit dizzy and nausious sometimes. But not tooo bad. I think it is just temporary.
edit: is it normal you get a rebound after just 1 dose 5mg? after it didn’t work I felt so slow and weird


No idea, possibly. But I am glad you already have some positives! The side effects of mine definitely wear off after a bit (days or weeks? Don’t remember)

Once you have seen what they can do, if the side effects remain too high, you could discuss alternatives. Seems like it’s an arbitrary decision whether they try us on ritalin or dexamphetamine first, because they can’t tell in advance which might work better.


for now I was amazed how much these little 5mg changed the way I was able to do things. Even if they were minor, I was able to do things a bit easier, so I think Ritalin may be a thing that could really work for me. And the side effects aren’t severe, I read that they wear off in a few days/weeks, like you said so I am not concerned. I even had a bit more patience with my kids, I was able to keep myself together a bit more, so that’s also a good thing. I don’t know if it is really the medicine or just my expectations that make it work, but I clearly felt different after 3.15 hours…Everything was more of a challenge.