Medication ran out.......


Unfortunately medication for ADHD is expensive. Because of that reason I have been off my meds for about two weeks. My grades have severely gone down and everything goes either super fast or super slow. Hopefully I’ll get my medication back soon, but till then how can I get my grades back up and stop annoying my friends with mile long text messages, that just show how I get off track, when they were supposed to be short one sentence questions? Haha, please help.


Well i think its very personal as to what works or helps, but here is my take on it, next best thing after meds is running or cycling to get maybe 3/4 of the way there depending on how much you do, only other thing that works for me is nicotine patches or gum etc which maybe gets 1/2 the way there but can be addictive and not sure on safety, then anything else like coffee etc really does nothing worth while really, there are illegal drugs that can help but that is really a slippery slope to prison/death/other bad things in my opinion, so best to get meds sorted as a full time option since they work well and long term can be a option without the negatives of other options. That is just my take of course but hopefully if a few people chime in then you can get some ideas to think about and it helps, good luck.


Also that really sucks that cost is a issue for you getting what you need to help, i am lucky in my country although getting diagnosed is a bit of a process and they goverment is very strict about it all, once diagnosed and granted special authority for medication, it is only $5.00 per month.


Don’t use illegal drugs. Here’s a video from Jessica! :grinning:


I needed to watch that , thank you I feel better now and I’m more clear on knowing what works for me and also what I want to work on like practicing meditation every day and exercise. I don’t want to just rely on my medication or take to much because I felt that day it’s not working the best for me. I’m more self aware that I have stopped doing the things I did to help my mind and body like meditation and exercise I replaced it with smoking and not worrying.
I know what i need to do. Thank you and I know everyday isn’t going to be a 5 star day and that’s okay too. If I’m having an off day I should ask my self what could be causing this, pms anxiety, stress and then try to do something to for myself to nip it in the but. But mostly know that it’s okay to have an off day and that tomorrow is a new day to try again.


Wow, don’t use illegal drugs. That had to be said?


Hopefully i did not come across as pro illegal drugs and just pointing out that in a practical science type of thing how they can be close to other stimulants in there effect, but how obviously they are not something to consider as a option


Yes, are you referring to a particular type of drug?


But from a purely open honest discussion, just saying but if anything pointing out the fact what they do but why you should def not consider as a option.


Well in this case i was referring to meth which in the states is prescribed as Desoxin


I smoked bud since I was 15. I’m 38 and I just don’t it faded out in my life. So with drinking


but my point was that if people go looking for alternatives in the “black market” they might find that and my point was how that is a bad option. So def not suggesting it as a option just love open discussion.


Yeah same i smoked bud from 14 till about 30 when i got diagnosed then just did not feel the desire once on ritalin.


Indeed, I talked to my psychiatrist and we agreed to keep me on my same medication and to write me weekly scripts. Thankful I was able to be honest and open about my things with my doctor


And really stoked i had a good doctor that diagnosed me and was well aware about pot and told me it was normal to self medicate like that but also showed me how with ritalin that weed was more of a problem with getting on with life and its great now, i only do it now and then instead of drinking as a way to chill.


That’s really cool, its awesome to have someone looking after you that understands like that, without all the omg illegal drugs bullshit.


And if they keep a close eye on it like weekly like your saying that’s perfect, just practical science based as we need to be handled some times i think.


Oh yes, it’s a blessing, it’s been almost 2 years with this doctor the first doctor that’s helping me


Merry xmas to Lovinit although might be a day late? and so cool i am like 4 years with doc like that and its amazing to be heard and understood, so glad for you. :slight_smile:


Thanks for chatting with me, It was good.
Merry Christmas :christmas_tree:.
Hope we chat again in the future :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: