Medication seems less and less effective

I’m on day 7 of medication, and the effects seem less and less for each day. Now at lunchtime at work the focus seems to have disappeared and the foggyness in my head is back. I was so motivated the first 5 days because I felt I had finally found an answer, but feel the movitation and belief fading. I know it’s stil early days, but it was such I nice fealing to finally feel aware and attentive and less prone to reactin impulsively and rash.
And scared of going back to my “former” self. That guy is heading for a divorce. Okay, i’m ranting a little bit and i’m sad.
I hope it is the medication which is just messing with me and that it will pass.
I started on 20 mg ritalin morning and afternoon, and increased to 40 mg morning and 20 mg afternoon 2 days ago as the i didn’t fell any sideaffects apart from slight headache and more thirsty.
I started the 40 mg increase 2 days earlier then agreed upon with my psyciatrist as I felt the effects were already fading after 4 days. Probably not the best impuls decision

When I first started on my ADHD meication, I felt the same way. At first, like I had finally been given a pair of glasses after squinting at the world my whole life, then the feeling of clarity and motivation faded days later. I stuck with the dose for a month then told my psychiatrist how I was feeling. She recommended we up the dose and I felt like that helped, until days later when I noticed the effects were short lived again. After a while I asked my psychiatrist about Adderall and she said that was an option we could try. Once I was on the new med and the right dose, I felt like the medicine lasted more consistently through out the day. It comes in an extended release capsule (XR) that is supposed to have sustained therapeutic effects for 8 hours. There were times where I felt focused and motivated to take on any task, and others when I didn’t notice anything at all. Then the focus would return after a meal. I’d say the most noticeable time you can tell the medicine is working is an hour after taking a dose. If this sounds like something you want to try talk to your psychiatrist about it, but a word of caution. This medicine may have success with treating ADHD, but it can have it’s negative consequences as well. Be sure that you know the risks and that you are paying attention to your heart rate if this is the route you decide to take. And of course find some skill building classes that will help you improve on anything you might think you are lacking. For example, time management, or coping strategies for emotional dysregulation. Something I try to do is pair therapy with meds. That’s always the best combo in my opinion. Hope you find some relief soon.

Thank you for your response. Since starting the medicine, I have had some ups and downs, and I think it is a combination of medicine and my expectations. Now that I have taken them over a week I feel better. Things have “leveled” and I am in more control over my emotions. I have also now, through reading about ADHD and my own experiences realized what the medication can do and what it can’t do. Yes, it helps me focus and calms down my brain enough that I can be more attentive and less stressed. But I still have to work hard at putting that focus to good use, and my brain will get tired of interaction with others. I just get tired in a different way, as it is because I have to actively engage and interact. Which is hard work, but I can actually choose to do it. Before I just felt forced to do it to my limit, and it completely wore my out. Now my get tired, but I can kind of take a break and gather “strength” again. I do notice that the medication wears of faster than I would like, and I am going to talk to my psychiatrist on the 20th of September. Maybe a different delivery system is better for me or maybe medication with amphetamine is better. I am open to try different solutions to see which suits me best, and looking forward to working on my strategies and habits with the help of medication. I have been offered a place in group therapy for social anxiety for people with ADHD, and this combined with talks with psychiatrist I am optimistic about the future.

I am in a period of hyper focusing on ADHD and finding out all I can, but even though this is not ideal ( other stuff dos not get done), I think it is normal when you have found the answer to so many questions that have plagued you for a long time.

Of course, still very impatient and want to have the right medication and all the best strategies right away, but that’s just not how things work. I know it, but some part of me does not like it :slight_smile:

I just started out. This is my second day taking it. I’m much calmer and I can focus better on the work. But what’s been told to me time after time: don’t expect miracles. So I held my word to that. That works bc I know it’ll help me, but not solve the problems. There’s a difference between it. I still have to do a lot of it myself. The medicine just makes it a little easier for me to do it. That’s it. I do feel a big difference, but I still expect that it won’t help me with everything. Maybe that changes your view on the medicines.

Thank you for sharing. Yes, there’s still a lot of work to be done even though medication can help to facilitate. I think it was just a combination wtih a lot of information all at once and my marriage that needs a fix soon, that made me panic a little. feeling much better. I also wrote on this forum and other places, and didn’t get a lot of respons, so in my hightened state of panic I got a little depressed. Kind of needed to share and wanted responses ( dopamin needs? :slight_smile: ) .
But more rational now and clearly see the benefits medication can provide. Not sure yet if the dose is right or I have the best delieverysystem, but will talk to my psyciatrtist about that.
Heard a podcast with psyciatrist who always tried both medications (methylphenidate and amphetamine) even though the first one worked, as there was always a possibility that the other one worked better. I thought that was interesting and something to consider to really test what works best for me.
So, a lot to talk to with my psychiatrist on the 20th of September. I am also writing a daily journal to track how i feel and what the medication is doing, so to better explain to my psychiatrist what the “trial” has been like.

That’s interesting. I might ask that too. To try the other options one time. Just to see what works best.