Medication whilst Travelling


Ok, I’ve just booked a 3 day trip to Paris this summer. Then it occurred to me, do I need a letter from my GP or a copy of my prescription for Elvanse when going through customs? I live in the UK. Does anyone have any advice?


I think you do. If the active ingredient is methylphenidate or dexamphetamine, you do.

If you contact your gp to ask what you have to do, you should still have plenty of time to organise this :slightly_smiling_face:

I did this in October and it was just a simple form, signed and stamped by the doctor, and uploaded to some national body, who stamped it and sent it back for me to print out and take with me.

You should then also take your tablets in the original packaging. This was a bit of a nuisance as I rely on one of those daily compartment thingies to keep track of whether or not I’ve taken my medication on time :sweat_smile:


As a reminder may be you can put a piece of colored paper per tablet in your daily pill organizer!


That is brilliant, thank you!


The creative power of ADHD :slight_smile: