This is my first time trying medication wish me luck😬


Good luck! Happy days…

I hope that it works well for you. Keep your expectations low, and then you shouldn’t be disappointed.

Be aware that the pills won’t fix everything, but hopefully they will be an improvement.



Thanks it’s going well so far it’s kinda like putting on glasses


Soooooo many people describe it like that. It’s the same feeling for me, like putting glasses on my brain. Everything just comes into focus on the meds.


I think I may need new ‘glasses’ :flushed:


Good luck! I’m on my way into that direction as well. I had medication before, but the dosage must have been off because I was a walking zombie. I’m interested in trying again since many people find it valuable.

All the best! Hope to hear how it goes!


Zombie is not good, indeed.

I am trying a mix of non-stim as a baseline with a small stim top-up. I really really wanted to get away from the stimulant meds, but that may be unrealistic for the time being.


What’s the biggest difference having stimulants vs non?


Dutch law on driving a car :confused:

Edited to add:
There’s a risk of a big fine if you get breathalysed. They show up the same as related illegal drugs and the government is being a bit unreasonable (in my view) and can’t be bothered to change the law in our favour.


There are other differences:

I only have experience of one of each, so I am no expert, but so far:

The non-stimulant takes a few weeks to build up, and is a slow-release pill with a once-daily dose. I really like the stability of that.

However, it doesn’t seem to give me the oomph to get stuff done that I was getting from the stimulant.

On the downside for the stimulants, the rules about what is funded by my health insurance meant taking loads of tiny pills twice a day; sometimes I got a really increased heart rate because the dose was a bit high, and the effects wear off after a few hours. I didn’t exactly experience a crash as such, more like a revving up after taking them.


Thank you. I was just wondering so I have an idea when I start exploring my options.


Can anybody tell me the BIG difference between Methylfenidaat and other medicine…I used to get 110 mg of methylfenidaat a day 3 x 30 and 1 x 20 but getting crazy of how many pills I have to take. But I feel that I need to take them now…I’m so tired and need rest in my head and body.


I don’t know if there are big differences between methylfenidaat and dexamfetamine. Well, big in the sense that many people react better to one than the other, but both are stimulants.

For me, the big difference seems to be between non-stimulants and stimulants. As I said, the stability and privacy of one pill a day, taken at home in the morning, was a blessed relief after the several mini pills twice a day on the stims.

But now I am topping up with a tiny amount ofthe stims alongside. Seems to be an improvement, I feel I am getting stuff done again. Perhaps not as much as with the stims only, but I am also less stressed.


I tried methylphenidate and lisdexamfetamine, and I prefer the latter. They’re very similar but slightly different in the way they act. Both drugs I tried were extended release, but the methylphenidate had peaks and troughs for me, so at some point in the day I’d suddenly notice them being less effective for a while. The lisdexamfetamine is good for me because it doesn’t have those peaks and troughs, and stays in my system a bit longer. One downside is that it takes longer to kick in so my mornings are a bit slower. I guess the choice depends on your situation and what you’d prefer. Always speak to your doctor about it


I see you set this thread up about a month ago already so you’ll be so much the wiser by now! :slight_smile:

Anyway, in the way of peer support, here’s something I’ve recently realized (and I know ADHD is different for different people and therefore the medication also will work in different ways, but still…) …The medication can actually have a very significant effect. (Ok please don’t say well duh, yyyathink… hear me out)

…The thing I realized only recently (after having had this diagnosis for 3 years) is that you actually do need to have a clear understanding about your particular version of ADHD and what the effects of it are in your life, and then also a clear understanding of how the medication actually works. Because then and only then will you be able to answer the question when you go for a follow up meeting with your doctor about whether and how well the medication is working, and whether you still have symptoms to a degree that is getting in your way.

I thought I knew enough, but then I came across a new book that came out in my country directed specifically at ADHD-adults, and reading that was a revelation. Then when I had my prescription re-fill meeting with my doctor I was able to suggest whether I might try a stronger dose. He wrote the prescription so that it was flexible, so that I could just go back to taking less if the stronger dose didn’t feel good.

And now it’s like I’ve finally found the right fit. And I’m setting my alarms and writing my post-its and using my quartet of time management related apps as well as by paper version journal and notebooks like a frekin pro, and I don’t remember a time when I was this little stressed. Like virtually no stress at all. :smile:

Medication, information, acceptance and a realistic task management plan that actually allows for EXTRA TIME in case of the frequent enough UNEXPECTED …and if not, then just for rolling on empty, which is BLISS.