does anyone else feel like they are just mediocre at everything and not great at a single thing? its like that saying " jack of all trades but master of none" thats what i feel like most days, because i can do things I’m just not amazing at them. people keep telling me that everyone has something they are really good at, maybe you just haven’t found it yet? and honestly I’m tired of it i want to find what I’m really good at already (practice makes perfect but my ADD doesn’t want me to practice); of course since I’m a high school student it could just be that i have no faith in myself because of the crap education system in america, but i still don’t have any amazing skills outside of school.


Welcome to being a person?

You are fine. We all just need to work on stuff.


It’s ok. You can be a jack of all trades and over time get good at some of these! Just continue learning & exploring areas that interest you. You can self teach yourself very well these days so you’re not entirely reliant on your school. The world is full of a lot of exciting things and you will find them. If some area interests you, you can also learn from someone who is already good. They can be your role model. Ask them questions.


Or to put it in perspective, what if you hyperfocus get 14 years of college 3 degrees music ed… wouldn’t you like something to fall back on… I ask my former, more stubborn self…

You are fine


Hey Val.

You just quoted from my own book of life.

I’d adjust that though… I’d say I’ve had a lifetime of mediocrity, but with flashes of absolute genius that people are rarely able to see or acknowledge.

My experience has been that the Jack of all trades can have a broader view that is rare. And with that broader view comes a far deeper understanding of the interconnections that most people don’t ever see.

The problem is that trying to show other people what you see and understand is like trying to explain something in Swahili to someone who only speaks Tagalog.

There is a real strength that can come from a wider understanding, and seeing the connections between several seemingly unrelated ideas. Explaining that can be tough though, to linear thinkers.