Meditation for ADHD that Actually Works

Hey all, my name is Jude and I’m a therapist and meditation teacher. I feel a bit self-conscious about crashing in here and posting my own content, I know there are rules against self-promotion, but I assure you I have nothing to sell and I do believe I have genuine value to offer.

I have ADHD myself and I’ve been involved in meditation communities fo the past 17 years and it was only about 7 years ago that I met Jeff Warren, another meditation teacher with ADHD (and bipolar), that I learned more vipassana/mindfulness styles of meditation that actually helped me a lot.

So I recently launched a youtube channel in an effort to make healing and wellbeing practices more accessible (the pandemic and collective mental health crisis really was a call to action for me).

So I just published this video the other day and have gotten some very good feedback from friends with ADHD, and the manager of my favourite meditation teacher (Shinzen Young) even asked me if he could share it to his community, which for me is very validating (and exciting).

Hope you can all get something out of this and I’m happy to answer any questions here too!

Video here:

And mods, if this goes against the rules in any way, I completely understand. As far as I could tell the rules were against selling anything, and I am certainly not selling anything (nor is the video monetized).

Thanks for checking out and cool to connect with you all here :slight_smile:



Hi Jude, thanks for sharing! Sounds wonderful, I’ll definitely be trying this. :slight_smile:


Thanks Jude, good video. Subscribed.

And you give a shoutout to HowToADHD as well, if the mods need to take that into account for any arbitrational dilemmas…


Language so fascinates me . . .:joy:

btw: Is it against the “rules” for me to begin a post (meant mostly for you) with “Simon”? :woozy_face:


Thank you! Really appreciate it. And yes I love the How To ADHD channel, I’ve been referring clients to it as well.


My files have been declassified now, so I personally don’t have a problem with it. :wink:


No worries. As far as I’m concerned, anybody who proactively adds a modicum of improvement to the universe is a good egg.


I liked the video a lot. It really resonated with me in a number of places and I got really emotional toward the end because the line about feeling like something is wrong or feeling unsafe really hit a nerve.

I’ve been trying to find mindfulness and/or mediation techniques that work for me. I’ve tried to practice mindfulness repeatedly in the past and hit the same roadblocks over and over again. In the classic ADHD experience when I talk to other people about how it’s not working they assure me that everyone is like that and that the problems I’m having will get better over time… which - trust me - I’ve tried. It’s really encouraging to find approaches that I might be able to make progress with.


Hey Ion thanks so much for the feedback. It’s clear us ADHD folk have so much in common and often isn’t understood by others. Really glad this video could be of some help.