Meds and low blood pressure

Anyone else here who’s on meds and got low blood pressure who feels like the meds are making it worse? For me it’s usually when the effect is wearing off that I seem to be more light headed and feint more easily. I know dehydration can cause that but it’s not likely that I’m dehydrated. Could it be another side effect that’s not working too well with naturally occurring low blood pressure?

This is a doctor question. I am the other way my meds bump my bp up quite a bit. I am working with my doc on this one. There are a couple of things that you should never run unnecessary risks with.

Your heart and your brain if you break either of them it’s trouble.

Different people react differently to ADHD meds and developing effective treatment plans is something that needs the input and support from a good doctor.

Go call your doc because they know how to join the dots between symptoms and side effects.

Good luck

You’re absolutely right! Actually I’ve brought this up with my psychiatrist and several doctors but they’re not familiar with it. They regard the arrhythmia I get with the meds as normal, although it feels alarming. Since low blood pressure isn’t as serious as high it might not get the same attention. It might just be a spurious correlation so I’m curious if anyone else experience lower blood pressure after taking meds.

The upside is you could probably eat a couple of nice steaks every day and see if that works for you. If I am supposed to reduce my red meat intake maybe you can have my share.