Memory issues with ADHD

My daughter has a lot of memory issues with her ADHD. And it’s not just forgetting things like homework, etc. She has never been able to fully memorize the alphabet and she has to re-learn basic math facts every time she takes a math class. Is this a normal part of ADHD or could it be something else?


Hi mommajo! Welcome to the forum :yum:
How’s old is your daughter? And I can’t say for sure but it sounds like something else. I never learned the alphabet until I learned how to fingerspell with ASL, but I also have another learning disability.
Hope it works out!

I think it’s worth checking for something else to rule it in or out. ADHD can affect memory, but my understanding is that it tends to affect certain specific parts of memory and what you are describing seems a bit different from how I most often hear it described. ADHD co-occurs with a number of other conditions, too


For me, the memory problem has always been short-term memory, like not remembering the simple process I was just shown, not remembering the instruction I was just given, or turning around and forgetting what I was going to do even though I really needed to do it and I was the one who prompted myself to do it. I also have trouble remembering lists. I agree with the others and think you should have her checked out for another comorbid disability.